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SEO: 15 Ranking Factors Remarked On By Google


When it comes to SEO, Google rules the roost! But ranking factors evolve quickly, very quickly… How do you sort it out and choose the right path for your SEO optimizations?

Google Search spokesperson Gary Illyes recently gave an interview in which he comments on the SEO ranking factors that matter to the Google Search algorithm. What lessons can we learn from this to optimize the ranking of your pages on the search engine?

1. The volume of clicks generated by users impacts SEO

Indeed, through Gary Illyes, Google confirms that user click data, particularly those linked to search histories, are taken into account through RankBrain.

2. There is no need to overreact to every Google Search move

Google confirms that the SEO ranking evolves quickly and regularly since there are 5,000 modifications concerning Search in 2021 and 8,000 experiments yearly. Experiments that make the ranking shifting and very difficult to follow for an SEO. The good news is that there is no need to question everything systematically!

3. Google Search ranking is based on a systematic hierarchy

In reality, Google concedes that there are SEO ranking factors, which include a single variable. Then, the ranking signals interact within a ranking system. The ranking system takes a set of signals and ranks them. We consider that classification systems are more complex and stable over time. These are, therefore, better indicators for performing in SEO.

4. Not all web content is indexable on Google Search

Not that Google considers certain content not worth seeing, but the engine humbly admits that the Internet is “vast, and there simply isn’t enough storage space to index and display it.” offer to users”. Google is, therefore, like all of us, forced to make choices! This is without even counting content that is not indexable by nature, such as those accessible only after connection.

5. AI-generated content should not be specified to Google

According to Illyes, Google cares little about whether a human, generative AI or both generated the content. Affixing a label “content generated by an AI” therefore has, for the moment, no SEO utility. However, Illyes clarifies that if this information matters to your users, indicating it for experiential purposes is essential.

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6. Generative AIs write correctly!

If the substance remains uncertain on specific subjects, mainly when self-learning feeds the algorithm, Illyes stressed that AI-generated content does not contain typos. Everyone is free to draw their conclusions about the quality of their content!

7. Niche sites are more at risk during helpful content updating

For Illyes, niche sites, particularly those monetized through affiliation whose purpose is to generate income, do not meet the “category of sites that Google wishes to promote”. The content offered rarely falls into what Google describes as helpful content.

8. Site improvements are more effective than SEO optimizations

If your site’s ranking has been affected by one of the latest Google SEO updates, it is better to seek to improve the overall performance of the site than to try to move up in positions by working on an isolated ranking factor. Indeed, Illyes points out that the indexing of a page is based on hundreds of signals, so we must work towards a complete experience on the site.

9. Comments on the site could have a positive impact on SEO

This is more of an opinion than a position confirmed by Google; nevertheless, Illyes indicates that it is regrettable that most sites have deleted comments and forums in recent years because they brought belief to the point developed on the page when the moderation rules are clear. At the same time, some SEO experts have noted that sites such as Quora or Reddit have gained positions following the latest updates. Is the return of the forums in the pipeline?

10. Google fights against SEO over-optimization

The following SEO update will be launched in December. According to Illyes, this is a “defensive” update to the extent that many players are trying to influence Google Search results during this festive period, which is very lucrative for brands. By launching an update, Google is trying to keep control of the ranking of pages during Search.

11. Taking care of your Core Web Vitals will not help you perform in SEO

In short, “If you don’t have anything better to do on your site, do Core Web Vitals .” Most sites won’t see any benefit,” Illyes said.

12. Voice data has no place in the Google Search Console

A clear-cut answer supported by a technical justification. According to Illyes, the ratio between the engineering to be developed and the weight of the data linked to voice search could be more favourable to their use in Search Console.

13. SEO domain signals are not inherited

Here, too, no ambiguity. Google knows when a domain expires. So, when a new owner takes ownership of an expired domain, the signals previously accumulated by the domain are not transferred to them. When an expired domain is purchased, even if previous content is reactivated, Google considers it a new domain.

14. H tags are not intended for accessibility

According to HIM, it would be “pretty stupid” to rely on H1-6 tags to understand the order and hierarchy of content. Google recommends using a screen reader to identify if the content is “misread” and reserving H tags for meaningful use.

15. Backlinks are not in the top 3 SEO ranking factors

The internal and external links’ weight needs to be more accurate in SEO and has been for too long. He believes a page can be indexed on Google without a link, internal link or backlink. According to him, Google can identify a page, mainly through the site map. On the other hand, the content remains the priority ranking signal because, basically, without words on a page, Google cannot index it on the corresponding query.

In conclusion, ranking your site on Google and performing in SEO remains the result of a mysterious recipe! If a few ingredients are well known, this interview reveals that SEO is as moving as a wave and that, like a surfer, you will know how to take it or not!

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