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All Amazon Echo News In 2022

Amazon Echo, Amazon’s assistant, already has different models for you to incorporate intelligence into all the devices in your home. We tell you everything you need to know about this new era of smart speakers.

Recently we talked about the Google assistant; this time, it is the turn of Amazon and its series of Amazon Echo speakers. But first, let’s do a quick review for those surfers who aren’t quite familiar with these wizards yet.

Smart speakers have been one of the leading technological innovations. The three wise men mark the step for a change: Google, Apple, and Amazon. One of the main characteristics of these assistants and the comfort of voice control is that you can have practically total control of your home. From household appliances to lighting systems, temperature, surveillance…

All Amazon smart speakers feature Alexa as a virtual assistant. Currently, Alexa is the assistant that accepts more devices. It is essential to take this into account because if you want to incorporate home automation into your home, you will have first to check the compatibility of your assistant with the applications and systems of home automation devices: cameras, lamps, heating, etc.

Without further ado, let’s review these features focusing on Amazon Echo and its different assistant models:

Amazon Echo and Amazon Echo Plus

Amazon’s first assistant. Everything is done through voice control: play music, order food at home, listen to the news (previously programmed with your preferences), call by phone… If your friends have Amazon Echo, you can send messages and play them directly on their devices.

It also has a Dolby speaker system to maintain sound quality and, thanks to its noise cancellation, isolate your voice from external interference.

The most significant novelties that the new version, Amazon Echo Plus, incorporated improved sound, a temperature sensor, and a slightly smaller size.

  • Amazon Echo price: €59.99
  • Amazon Echo Plus price: €119.99

If you have multiple Amazon Echo Spot assistants at home, you can connect them to communicate with other family members.

Amazon Echo Spot

It is the only Amazon Echo assistant that has a screen. Its shape is not cylindrical but round, and the 6.4 cm diameter screen is in the speaker’s centre. This assistant can also connect with home automation devices and, by incorporating a screen, offers new features such as video calls, task list view, quick view of information (for example, the weather), image playback, connection with the surveillance cameras of the home, etc.

  • Amazon Echo spot price: €99.99

Amazon EchoDot

It’s the cheapest Amazon Echo assistant and also the smallest. It fulfils practically all the original Amazon Echo model; it also allows you to control home automation devices. Due to its size, it is ideal for placing it in rooms such as the bathroom. You won’t have to get out of the shower to change the song; all you have to do is ask Alexa.

  • Amazon Echo Dot price: €29.99

The great thing about Amazon Echo is that you can combine multiple devices in one home, turning your house into a home of the future. As you can see, reality has surpassed fiction at a very, very low price.

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