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Artificial Intelligence In Companies: Names And Applications


Artificial intelligence in companies is increasingly present, and the ability to perform tasks without requiring human involvement is a plus in business development. Innovation and new technological investments are the order of the day, but what benefits does robotic automation bring to companies? In the following blog, we analyze the fundamental keys of AI, its transformation in recent years, and its impact on the workplace.

Application of artificial intelligence

From the first concepts of futuristic terms to its current use, artificial intelligence has been consolidating in a world of continuous changes. Today, companies increasingly require advanced algorithms, machine learning, and informed strategies. Thanks to companies and new emerging opportunities, a technological innovation that undoubtedly has a long way to go.

Increase of new technologies for companies

The arrival of artificial intelligence for companies has opened up new business models and boosted business performance. In this way, many entities make their employees’ hours more flexible to encourage productivity, improve company automation, and apply knowledge in resolution processes to create an audience. Likewise, some tools implement daily work innovations, such as Discord.

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Artificial intelligence names


The tool with the most media impact in recent times can maintain and establish conversations with complete and referenced answers. It identifies any information and can adapt its operation to your interests.


A tool that allows you to translate texts, reports, and documents in up to 25 different languages ​​in a matter of seconds, integrated into production processes.

Artificial intelligence programs


A new artificial intelligence that imports a PDF and gets instant answers to the documents


The artificial intelligence tool converts PDFs into podcasts so you can listen to your daily life more dynamically.


A tool that allows you to have a web chatbot to retain customers and manage your digital identity.


A tool that summarizes documents in moments for later understanding.


Artificial intelligence tool that allows you to create images based on your interests.


A new tool, a better Chrome extension that allows you to have meetings without leaving your inbox.

Productive uses of artificial intelligence

The implementation of technologies in business processes is proving to be a powerful tool to increase the effectiveness of our business in different fields, both for technological management and for the mechanization of systems, repetitive tasks, and optimization of supplies, among others. However, it is necessary to have the experience and knowledge of the tools for subsequent use. Currently, various applications for different tasks seek to adapt to market trends.

Technological challenges and observations in artificial intelligence

Despite its benefits, putting artificial intelligence into effect has certain risks to observe, from privacy to the correct management of algorithms and concern about the destination of the data and its subsequent storage.

In short, artificial intelligence is a valuable and effective tool in the business world where we live, but there are increasingly more incidents and more tools. The critical point is to seek awareness and responsibility in the face of continuous innovations, which is crucial in the current situation and new approaches.

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