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Chatbot Bard: Google’s AI Competition From ChatGPT, Soon On The Market


Although it has not yet been officially launched, the first details about the Google Bard Chatbot have just been released, which will be launched in the coming months. Today we will talk about Bard, Google’s AI applied to the chatbot, with which it seeks to compete with ChatGPT.

The popularity in recent months of ChatGPT, the OpenAI conversational chatbot, has led the world’s big tech companies to focus on Artificial Intelligence seriously. Since its launch, ChatGPT has become the most popular app in History. It reached a milestone after reaching 1 million users in 5 days and surpassing titans like TikTok or Instagram. Next, we summarize the keys of Google Bard Chatbot.

What is Bard, Google’s AI?

Bard is a LaMDA- based conversational chatbot. This language model, still in the experimental phase, was designed by Google for its dialog apps, and they had it in store, as the company thought its launch would be a poor success for the public. However, due to the popularity of ChatGPT, the North American firm got down to work to launch its chatbot based on this idea.

Bard, Google’s AI applied to a chatbot, as confirmed by the company in its presentation in Paris on February 7, has many similarities with ChatGPT. Thus, it seeks to answer the doubts of Internet users while remaining constantly connected to the Internet.

Unlike ChatGPT (which comes in 2021), the Google Bard database will always be updated in real-time. In this way, users can also be interested in recent events and ask Bard to explain what has happened or to summarize current information. It is a conversational system with which you can interact through messages. The user asks or requests something they want Bard to do, much like ChatGPT. Until now, if you wanted to search for information on Google, you had to look through its web pages, while Bard is trained to give a direct answer. In this way, Google seeks to remain dominant in the field of Internet searches.

To the updated information, we must add the integration of Bard with Google’s search engine. With this strategy, the company hopes that users will not resort to external applications of Artificial Intelligence. They can find out everything they need to know from the Google search pages.

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How is Bard different from ChatGPT?

One of the main differences between these two artificial intelligence models is that Google’s AI will be directly connected to the Internet, always in real-time. This will allow you to give us information or summaries on current issues, which ChatGTP cannot do now since its database limit is September 2021.

Bard Features

First, Bard will be constantly connected to the Internet, unlike ChatGPT.

Bard will be integrated as a search function within Google, so it will not be independent of your browser. You can ask questions in natural language, just as you would ask any other person, and Bard can offer an accurate answer immediately. What is intended is that users continue to enter Google to unleash their creativity and make requests to Google’s AI. According to the leading search company, Bard can be used, for example, to explain things to a child more easily or to create training routines, among others.

When will Bard be available on the market?

Google has been in a hurry to announce its new Artificial Intelligence, especially since one of its major competitors, Microsoft, announced that it will implement the GPT-4 model in Bing, with ChatGPT in its browser.

At first, Bard will be launched in a reduced model that requires less computing power, thus seeking to be used by a more significant number of people. In this way, you will obtain feedback and comments from users. This release and the internal testing that Google is conducting will help further develop AI and improve its responsiveness.

And while there’s still no official date for Google’s AI to arrive in the world of chatbots, it has at least been announced that Bard will be accessible to the public in the coming months. According to the CEO of Google, as it is already in a beta phase, the launch to the public will be, at most, mid-2023.

Google’s AI in the beta phase

At this time, Bard is available, although only for some. Google has resorted to a group of trusted testers who will comment on bugs and other important items. Also, Google wants to ensure that posting its AI is safe and doesn’t damage its reputation with potential bugs. Jeff Dean, head of Artificial Intelligence at Google, has stated that the company should act more conservatively than a startup due to reputational risks.

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