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Differences Between All MI Band Models: Which Is Better?


Xiaomi’s smart band, the Mi Band, has become very popular among technology and fitness lovers. Over the years, Xiaomi has released several generations of the wearable, each with unique enhancements and features. In this post, we review all the differences between the models.

MI Band or Xiaomi Smart Band?

In this article, we’ll explore the evolution of the Mi Band from its initial release to the arrival of the highly anticipated Xiaomi Smart Band 8, highlighting the key differences between each model.

We stop at the different name since, with the launch of its sixth model, the Chinese firm changed the name of its smart bracelets: from Mi Band 5, it was renamed Xiaomi Smart Band 6.

In this way, all models after 2021 are no longer called “Mi.”

All models of Xiaomi bracelets

This is how all the bracelets the brand has launched since its inception in 2014 are.

MI Band 1

The original Mi Band was introduced in 2014, surprising the market with its affordability and basic functionality. It featured a small module with lights that, in addition to counting steps, recorded other types of sports information and allowed mobile notifications to be replicated.

Its compact design and exceptional battery life made it a popular choice for those looking for a simple yet effective smartband.

MI Band 2

Xiaomi launched the Mi Band 2 in 2016, which included several significant improvements. The most notable addition was the OLED screen, which allowed users to see more information, such as call and message notifications.

In addition, a button was incorporated to control different aspects of this monochrome panel.

MI Band 3

The Mi Band 3 ( 2018 ) features a larger and improved touchscreen, making it more comfortable interacting with the smart band. In addition to basic activity tracking and sleep monitoring features, the ability to receive notifications from apps like text messages and social media has been added.

Water resistance has also been improved, as this model can be submerged up to 50 metres.

MI Band 4

The Mi Band surprised us in 2019 with an AMOLED colour display, resulting in a more vibrant and sharper viewing experience. This generation also included more activity tracking modes, such as swimming tracking and controlling your phone’s music.

Also, battery life was improved, and customizable watch faces were added.

MI Band 5

In 2020 the Mi Band 5 arrived with even more impressive features. The AMOLED screen has been enlarged to 1.1″, allowing for greater readability and more information on the screen. New exercise modes, such as yoga and rowing, have been added, and sleep tracking has been improved with more detailed analytics.

The Mi Band 5 also introduced the magnetic charging feature, eliminating the need to remove the pod from the bracelet to charge it.

Xiaomi Smartband 6

Released in 2021, the Smart Band 6 stood out with its 1.56″ AMOLED screen, which offered even more space to display notifications and activity tracking data.

New exercise modes, blood oxygen measurement (SpO2), and stress monitoring were included. In addition, water resistance has been improved, and more customizable watch face options have been added.

Xiaomi Smartband 7

Until well into 2022, we did not meet this model that included a larger screen ( 1.62 ” ) and a higher capacity battery (180 mAh).

Its price rose significantly compared to the previous model, but new sports were added, specifically up to 120 modalities.

Xiaomi Smart Band 8

The latest version of the Xiaomi bracelet was presented a few months ago and has a 190 mAh battery as a great novelty, along with a 60 Hz screen refresh rate, which allows for more fluid use.

In addition, it is a model that you can also use as a pendant, not just wear on your wrist.

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