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Five Safety Tips For Online Gambling In The Age Of Technology


The world of online betting has become an attractive option to try your luck on the Internet playing your favourite sports. However, these types of games are not always without certain risks. These are not usually related to the operation of the rooms themselves but to the possible problems that we may have during their use; in the same way, we are at risk when using our online bank or making purchases on any web page. To avoid them, nothing better than considering these five security tips we offer below.

1. Always look for the trusted ones

The first thing we must do is always play in a trusted room that is duly registered or authorized. This is a guarantee that the game will be developed properly and legally. Among these rooms, we can talk about Codere or any other known nationally and internationally for having the necessary licences and an adequate image of the trust.

2. Take extreme precautions with access data

Our second advice is to be careful when accessing any game page and always use strong passwords. These passwords must meet the following requirements:

  • Be at least eight characters long,
  • Combine letters, numbers, and at least one unique character.
  • Not apparent combinations like our name and date of birth.
  • Not be data that may be directly related to us, such as the name of our parents, city of birth, etc.

To help you save those passwords safely, you can always use the managers included in modern browsers. These store them securely and write them for you wherever they are needed.

3. Don’t land on a fake page

We often receive fraudulent messages from pages that pretend to be our favourite bookmakers. In them, we are told that we must access our account for any management. By entering the page and entering our username and password, we are giving this data to the fraudsters, who now have access to our account. That is why it is key to distrust these messages and verify when we enter our favourite betting page that we are really on it and not on a cloned page.

4. Use double verification systems

Many bookmakers have implemented two-step or double verification systems for their customers’ access. This means that in addition to typing our username and password, we can also be asked for a code sent by SMS or email or that we access the bookmaker app from our mobile. These measures add an extra layer of security to our account and protect us better, avoiding losing access to it if we land on a false page or if that password and username are stolen.

5. Never have too much money

As a last piece of advice, it is highly recommended that you do not have too much money in your betting account. If you are lucky enough to win an important prize, you should withdraw everything that you do not plan to use to play in the short term. This is to reduce possible losses in case you have any problems with access to your account.

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