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Google Maps Or Waze: Which Is The Best GPS App?

Have you thought about the number of people who use a GPS in any situation? Nowadays, smartphones also incorporate them. And it is that technology is very useful, especially for those who want to know where they are going and how to get there by the fastest route. But there is a lot of debate here, especially when we talk about the comparison between Google Maps and Waze. Which app is better?

Mapping apps a must on smartphones

GPS is one of the most practical applications for smartphone users. No matter the model and the software that moves it, if you have a mobile phone, it can geolocate you and tell you where you have to go to reach your destination.

This has meant a tremendous advance for many people, not just frequent travellers. And anyone can get lost in a new city or not know how to get to an appointment.

For other people, these apps are the best work tool they can have. In the transport sector, it is an invaluable help, and without a doubt, one of these two apps, Google Maps or Waze, is always present on buses, taxis, or trucks.

Google Maps is a classic: we find it on most smartphones and use it from the PC. It is one of the oldest and a pioneer in the sector, supporting one of the leading firms in the technology and application development segment.

On the other hand, there is Waze, one of the most formidable competitors. However, it focuses more on traffic, which includes social functions and allows interaction in community mode. It currently presents a new interface and functions that put it very much on par.

Maps or Waze: which is the best GPS app?

If we look at Google Maps and Waze, we will find many similarities. Google operates in both; hence you find many similarities and functions that make them pass for “clones.”

Both offer route indications, the streets marked on the map, a space dedicated to the favourite music app… But in reality, there are more differences than similarities. And here we start with functionality.

Google Maps is multidisciplinary and gives you all the information you need about how to get to places with different route alternatives depending on your transport. For its part, Waze is much more closed since it is dedicated especially to motorcycle and car drivers.

And it is that although Google Maps gives more and more information about the state of the roads and traffic, Waze goes further. By collecting data from users who are using the app, this app can calculate the fastest route instantly.

Of course, both have voice commands, so you don’t have to manipulate the phone on the go. Remember that you face high penalties if you do, as we mentioned in this post about Android Auto.

These voice commands are compatible with both CarPlay and Android Auto versions. This way you can always choose the one you like best depending on your preferences.

But in this comparison between Waze and Google Maps, there is a point that is no less important in the end. And it is that Maps has a very clean interface and will not distract you with absolutely no message that catches your attention.

However, among the two, Waze is the one that contains advertising. Although they are minimal ads, they can jump at any time. Therefore, you only have to assess your profile and which of the two would be more comfortable for you.


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