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How AI Will Change Game Development

Video games have become one of the most profitable industries in the world of entertainment. Although it is true that years ago, they could not even imagine the concept of video games that we know today, technology has advanced so much that authentic digital wonders can now be designed. Detailed maps, customizable characters, and environments that enhance the gaming experience are some of the advances the world of video games has made. Now, many creators and fans wonder how AI will change game development and what consequences this will have on the industry.

What potential does the use of AI have in game development?

The video game industry is continuously developing, and artificial intelligence is presented as a tool with a lot of ground to explore in the sector. It can be a great opportunity to improve the user experience during games and make it easier for developers to create more realistic, impressive, or detailed environments effectively and easily.

The basis of the video game industry is to offer audiovisual content to which user interaction is added to create a gaming experience. Artificial intelligence has already made its first steps in this industry and has been of great use to developers. It becomes visible in scenes where the user does not require a second player to interact in the game, for example, facing a boss that is not another player but has been developed directly by the game. These interactions have been improving and evolving over the years, and advances in Artificial Intelligence are essential to optimize the user experience.

Artificial intelligence has been present for years in developing video game graphics and creating scenarios, events, or levels of a game. The procedures of a game and how it is developed depend largely on the calculations behind it; therefore, this artificial intelligence could be understood as the basis of interaction in video games.

With the improvement of AI technologies on the market, the possibilities of creating a better interaction and, therefore, experience for the user also increase. The game’s development can be customized to each user, adapting the movements or behaviours of the enemies to the level that each user presents. The possibilities are encouraging for professionals in the sector.

AI in the video game industry: opportunity or threat?

Artificial intelligence is still in the development phase in many industries, but in some of them, it is especially interesting because of the wonders that could be created. The application of artificial intelligence in the creation and development of video games is still a controversial topic for many. The application of this technology may mean the automation of some phases of development that experts in the sector now carry out; therefore, several people may understand the application of artificial intelligence as a threat to their work.

If we analyze it in detail, the incorporation of AI could directly affect the type of professionals required for the development of video games. However, it is important to understand that incorporating this technology requires human guidance to function today, which would translate into the video game job market. Personnel specialized in the management and development of video games will be required, working together with the AI ​​used, leading the situation to achieve the expected result. This can mean a job opportunity in the sector and a threat to less specialized profiles.

Many may see it as a threat, but at the time, all technologies have been to a greater or lesser extent. The first steps of the Internet were not to the liking of all users, and many did not believe in its benefits; however, it is now an essential part of the lives of young and old. If following this line, AI will become a necessary tool for developing video games shortly.

Artificial intelligence and video games

It is a reality that artificial intelligence is closely linked to the world of video games, and the possibilities for improvement in the sector with this technology are more than encouraging. Not a few developers and video game creation studios choose to incorporate new systems to take the user experience to the next level and stand out in the sector. Large-scale artificial intelligence will mean a revolution in the video game sector. Still, users seem more than receptive to seeing how these tools can modify or improve the existing video game offer on the market.

At the moment, the focus is on the response of the videogames to the interactions so that the user can be involved in the experience and feel more in control of the battles, decisions, and missions of the video games. There is still a long way to go, and the use of AI in video game development will not only bring changes for users, but the professionals themselves will also have to adapt or complement their skills; it seems that the future of video games brings changes on a large scale.

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