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How To Fix A Wet Mobile: What To Do And What To Avoid


Some cannot do without a smartphone daily, so a phone damaged by water can be a setback. If your device has gotten wet, you must dry it properly. In this post, we review what you can do and what practices you should avoid trying to fix your device before taking it to the technician.

Can I save my mobile at home?

Before taking it to the technician, maybe you can do something for your mobile; That’s why it’s important not to panic. It is also crucial to separate myths from effective practices. For example, silica gel and isopropyl alcohol can save your device from moisture.

However, widespread myths can harm your smartphone more than fix it, such as the belief that burying it in rice will absorb moisture since this cereal contains hygroscopic particles. Therefore, you must be very clear about how to proceed.

What you should do to dry your phone

First, turn off the smartphone and avoid using it for a reasonable time. Afterward, you can proceed to dry it in these ways.

Use silica gel

Silica gel can be miraculous. Often found in shoe boxes or electronics, these little packets may seem insignificant, but their ability to absorb moisture is impressive.

Place your phone and several silica gel packets in an airtight bag for at least 24 hours. The gel will effectively remove moisture from the device without causing damage or residue.

Use isopropyl alcohol

Another effective solution is high-concentration isopropyl alcohol. Although it may seem counterproductive to introduce liquid into an already damp device, isopropyl alcohol can evaporate quickly, taking the moisture with it.

Before applying this method, it is important to turn off the phone and remove the battery if possible. Then, dip a soft cloth in isopropyl alcohol and carefully clean the affected parts.

Then let it sit in a ventilated place so the alcohol evaporates completely before turning it on again.

Use desiccant bags

Another effective method to dry a wet phone is to use desiccant bags. These bags contain substances that absorb moisture from the air, which makes them ideal allies in the face of accidents of this type.

Place your phone in an airtight bag along with several of these bags and let it sit for at least 24 hours. Desiccant bags will gradually absorb moisture from the phone, helping to “save” it without damaging the internal components.

Do not do this to dry your smartphone

As we said, practices such as burying your mobile in rice or using a hair dryer can be fatal. Caution is key when addressing this situation without further damaging the terminal.

Put the mobile in rice

One of the most widespread myths is that rice infallibly absorbs moisture. Although this cereal can absorb moisture from the environment and is therefore used as a natural remedy for damp rooms, it is ineffective with devices that have gotten wet.

Remember that rice grains can also get stuck in the phone’s ports and slots, which can cause additional damage and further complicate the situation.

Use a hair dryer

​​Using a hair dryer to evaporate moisture from a wet phone may be tempting, but this method is risky and can damage your phone.

The hot air currents generated by a hair dryer can cause damage to the phone’s internal components and push moisture into inaccessible areas.

There is also the risk of overheating the device and melting the plastic components. Therefore, avoiding this option and using other safer and more effective methods is better.

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