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How To Protect Our Wifi Router


The wifi Router in our homes has become one of the most used devices by everyone daily.

Thanks to it, we can connect to the Internet, and in this hyperconnected society, it has become essential in most homes.

The rise of teleworking further increases its relevance since it allows us to work from anywhere.

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Thanks to this device, we can also enjoy our leisure time.

Whether browsing the Internet, watching movies or series, listening to music, or playing with our video consoles, it will become our main ally.

Likewise, we have increasingly connected devices thanks to the Internet of Things, and our homes are getting smarter.

Our network can control everything, from the smart speakers to the lock, the lights, the air conditioning, or the oven.

Therefore, we must learn how to protect our wifi Router, preventing someone from sneaking into our network and endangering our privacy and security.

Measures to protect our wifi Router

We must adopt measures to make our home network as secure as possible.

Having a completely secure connection that is 100% free of cyberattacks is impossible, but we must try to put a series of obstacles to avoid them as much as possible.

1. Use a secure password

The first thing you should do is change the password that comes by default on your Router.

Putting a password as complex as possible is the next step you should take to protect your wifi network.

Use uppercase, lowercase, numbers, and special characters to make it difficult for those who try to enter without permission.

An additional security measure is to change the password occasionally; for this, you can use a password manager, such as 1Password or LastPass.

2. Update the firmware of the Router

To improve your protection and avoid as much as possible new vulnerabilities that arise, we must have the latest version installed.

Normally, we can find the option in Settings, System, and Firmware Update, but it may vary depending on the Router model.

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3. Change the Router settings

To enter your Router’s configuration, write in the browser’s address bar or

The configuration that comes by default may not be the most appropriate, so it is advisable to modify some of the options:

a. One of the actions we can carry out is to hide the SSID or name of our wifi network.

This way, intruders will not see your wifi when looking for networks to connect to, and it will be more difficult for them to sneak in and connect to it.

b. Likewise, we can carry out MAC filtering so that all connections from devices we have not previously permitted are rejected.

It’s like creating a list of devices allowed to connect, preventing the connection to others.

c. You can deactivate the WPS button, which allows you to pair and connect to the devices more easily and quickly without entering the password.

It can pose a security problem by leaving the network unprotected for a while, so it is recommended to disable it.

d. At a minimum, you should use the WPA2 encryption or security protocol.

Currently, there are more complete protocols, such as WPA3, but those mentioned above should be sufficient.

e. If you do not use it, deactivate the Router’s remote access option. This will minimize the risk of an intruder gaining access without permission.

4. Detect intruders

If you notice that your Internet connection is slower than usual or suspect that someone has entered your network without permission, you should act as soon as possible.

Enter the interface of the Router, and you can check the list of devices connected to your network.

If there is an unknown one, it will surely be an intruder, and you can delete it so that it can no longer connect to your wifi.

5. Turn off the Router

When you do not use it for a while, it is recommended to turn off the wifi network so that hackers cannot enter your devices while away.

By following these recommendations, the security of our wifi network will be increased, making it more difficult for all who want to access it without authorization.

So we can work or enjoy our favourite hobbies without fear of being spied on and receiving unwanted visits.

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