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Keys To The Rise Of Computing At The Edge

Automation and sustainability enter the digital age. With the increase in data traffic, sustainable control and automation technology are required. Limit calculus is well suited to solve this task. Technology leaders fully understand that innovative solutions that enable real-time access to analytical information are no longer a fad but an absolute necessity in the digital age.

Furthermore, with the distribution of 5G technology, this demand will be distorted. Cloud technology, artificial intelligence, and edge computing will open up new opportunities for us.

Efficient data management and computing resources at the Edge will enable enterprises to use and analyze more information, provide online services in real-time, and accelerate the development of smart cities and homes.

At the current stage and in the future, Edge computing will open up new features for enterprises that can expand Edge IT infrastructure and open up new features for the entire society.

In the modern world, there are many interconnected devices, which leads to an increase in the volume of data being processed. It is no longer about gigabytes and not even terabytes.

Efficient data management and computing resources at the Edge will enable businesses to use and analyze more information

Now we measure the amount of information in billions of Zettabytes. We are already so dependent on this type of data that the further development of cloud platforms and technologies is only a matter of time. To meet the growing demand, companies must always take a step, and we must start improving the IT infrastructure.

Now that the foundation for further development is laid, modern organizations can quickly adapt to the innovative technologies that will emerge from 5G in a mid-to-long-term perspective.

To take advantage of all the functions of the connected device and receive the analysis information from the artificial intelligence system in real-time, we must use the computing power as efficiently as possible in a car or a store.

Then we will be able to evaluate all the advantages of 5G technology. Data processing and limit calculation technology is now included—automation of limit calculation for efficient data processing.

In 2019, 53% of managers were from operators from different countries, responsible for making decisions in data processing, and now indicate that they use or plan to implement certain artificial intelligence technologies.

Analyze and manage data traffic; you can find new business competitive advantages faster and improve your organization’s productivity. As the number of such workloads increases, the need for computing power, fast data processing, and IT infrastructure flexibility will increase.

Today, many businesses are grappling with complex data landscapes spread across multiple media, from the Edge of IT infrastructure to hybrid clouds.

In this case, it is challenging to manage workloads, applications, and data and ensure their protection. According to a Gartner study in 2025, 75% of business data processing will be done in traditional data centres or the cloud.

Therefore, it is necessary to quickly update the IT infrastructure used to process and analyze the data to solve these tasks.

Finally, to be successful and overcome the complexity mentioned above, companies need to continuously develop and improve the technical equipment of their infrastructure without interrupting the work of all existing services.

Digital transformation means using such systems that will carefully enable the transfer of resources needed to perform various workloads and provide transparency in the cloud environment.


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