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Main Benefits Of Home Aerothermal Energy


Artificial air conditioning is today one of the main needs of humanity. Mainly in those regions of the world where they live with hot and cold temperatures, motivating that a system that can regulate the temperature inside buildings is totally necessary to offer precious thermal comfort to the habitants.

However, it is already known that, unfortunately, traditional air conditioning systems are par excellence high pollutants and consumers of natural resources, which in the present that we live in is not sustainable at all. First, more and more homes and buildings need to implement this equipment; second, the levels of environmental contamination are becoming more worrying, mainly evidenced by climate change.

That is why humanity is in controversy; on the one hand, it needs to achieve thermal comfort, but on the other, it must reduce the emission levels of greenhouse gases and, at the same time, reduce the consumption of non-renewable resources, such as fossil fuels.

To face this situation, technological alternatives are being implemented to meet people’s current thermal needs without compromising or harming future generations. One of the main options gaining more strength worldwide every day is heating through the aerothermal system.

To explain how this alternative is proposed as an excellent option to achieve precious air conditioning at the domestic level and commercially and industrially, we have prepared this article to review the main benefits of aerothermal energy in the home.

What are the benefits of home aerothermal energy?

In previous articles, we mentioned that aerothermal energy is an air conditioning system based on the energy in the air, transforming it to generate heating, domestic hot water (ACS), and even refrigeration. These types of technologies are very different because they can air-condition an entire home using a single piece of equipment, which is why it is considered by many to be one of the most efficient technologies today.

To extract the energy contained in the air, this system is composed of an air-water heat pump, which can cool or heat water according to the user’s immediate needs. Although it does require local electrical energy, mainly to start the compressor motor (similar to any refrigeration system), energy consumption is relatively low; it will hardly be felt in electricity bills.

As planned, thanks to the great advantages of aerothermal energy, it could completely replace gas heating or any other at some point. Mainly because it offers a high level of comfort, it also means notable economic savings, up to 25% of the gas bill and 50% in the case of diesel.

Below are the main benefits of home aerothermal heating as an air conditioning system:

1. It is considered one of the most economical air conditioning systems

The main benefit of implementing an aerothermal system is that it is a very economical technology, much more than natural gas and diesel. For such a statement, the Japanese company Toshiba analyzed various real installations, single-family homes, or other homes, obtaining really interesting data, where it was reflected that there are savings of between 25% and 50%.

2. Minimal environmental impact

As we mentioned at the beginning, society is obliged to implement much more efficient air conditioning systems with less environmental impact. Aerothermal energy captures the energy contained in the air using renewable energy. On the other hand, having a completely sealed system, all developed through a compressor motor, there are no emissions of any gas to the outside.

Therefore, it is an excellent system for air conditioning the interior of a home without posing a danger to the environment.

3. It can work in both summer and winter

Best of all, through the same system, you can generate cold air by expanding the refrigerant gas, like producing steam. This system can collect the heat contained in the ambient air, to later be extracted by the refrigerant gas, which later, thanks to the high temperature, evaporates and becomes hot steam, which will later be used for heating and heating the room. Sanitary water.

Among other benefits of aerothermal energy at home, although you need electricity, it is practically not felt on the electricity bill. In addition, it is a safe technology, it uses renewable energy, and for its maintenance, no major work is required because it is a single piece of equipment.


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