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Spotify Advertising: Advertising That Sounds Good To Your Business

Digital advertising platforms have become a fundamental part of marketing strategies, allowing companies to quickly and effectively reach their target audience.

But one of the significant challenges is finding the ideal alternative to advertise your products, services or brand among the many platforms that exist. And how do you know which one is the most appropriate?

Today we will talk about Spotify Ad Studio, the platform to create ads on Spotify from which you can reach a large audience and even get users from other countries since it is the most influential music and audio streaming platform. Worldwide.

Why include Spotify Ads in your Digital Marketing strategy?

Spotify provides brands with a versatile platform to reach specific audiences. Increasing your brand visibility, reaching relevant audiences and harnessing the power of music and spoken content to connect with your target audience.

It offers a free service that includes advertisements and allows users to listen to free music and content. It also allows paying to avoid them for a premium subscription.

Spotify has 490 million users worldwide, of which 285 million have a free subscription, which is why many companies have taken the opportunity to create their advertising campaigns since it is a way to reach a large number of users.

Free Spotify users play Spotify for an average of 2.6 hours a day and can’t skip ads, skip or fast-forward, so they’d have to listen if they want to continue with the rest of their playlist.

What ad formats does Spotify offer?

  • Audio everywhere: This format deals with a 30-second audio wedge in which you can incorporate a clickable link. They are included in the ad breaks broadcast between songs the user plays in their sessions.
  • Overlay: a clickable banner that will remain open until the user closes it or after 30 seconds. Additionally, you can also include a destination URL.
  • Sponsored Playlists: These playlists show users audio, video and display ads as they play. It is available in all types of versions.
  • Video: It is based on an audiovisual spot that lasts between 15 and 30 seconds with a complementary display ad. It is only shown when users are active and with the app in the foreground.
  • Sponsored Session: Allows advertisers to gift users 30 minutes of uninterrupted music in exchange for viewing your video ad. This is only compatible with the mobile and tablet versions.
  • Homepage takeover: This format places your brand centrally on the Spotify homepage for 24 hours. This format is reserved for days at a time that contains an interactive area. It allows multimedia content and interactive elements.

Advantages of using Ad Studio

Spotify Ads offers several advantages for advertisers who want to reach their audience through the leading music streaming platform. Some of the benefits are:

  • Huge Audience Reach: Spotify boasts a massive user base worldwide, with millions of people using the platform to listen to music and podcasts. This provides a broad reach for advertisers and allows them to reach a large audience.
  • Precise targeting: Offers a wide range of targeting options for advertisers. You can target your ads based on geographic location, gender, age, musical interests, and other demographic criteria. This allows you to reach the right audience and increase the relevance of your ads.
  • Attractive advertising formats: Allows various advertising formats that capture users’ attention. You can use audio ads that play during breaks between songs, video ads that are displayed in the mobile app, or display ads that are presented in the user interface. These formats allow for more significant interaction and engagement by users.
  • Personalization and creativity: Spotify allows advertisers to create personalized and creative advertisements. You can tailor your ads to match the feel and atmosphere of specific playlists or podcasts, helping you build a deeper connection with listeners and improve the effectiveness of your messaging.
  • Measurement and analysis: Spotify provides measurement and analysis tools to evaluate the performance of your ads. You can get detailed data on reach, frequency, engagement, and other key metrics, allowing you to gauge the effectiveness of your campaign and adjust as needed.
  • Flexible cost: Spotify Ads offers flexible cost options to fit different budgets. You can set your daily or total budget and adjust it based on your advertising needs and goals. The amount to invest in Spotify Ads is fully customizable, with a minimum of €250.

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