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The E-Commerce Of The Future


Far beyond the already super-commented strategies of having an omnichannel strategy, paying particular attention to shipping costs and times, having a professional eCommerce adapted to all screen sizes, and all those tips we have been giving you for years, eCommerce of the future is milk!

E-commerce customization

One of the challenges when digitizing sales is offering customers personalized experiences based on their tastes and preferences.

EVERYTHING will revolve around the user experience, but in ways never seen before, so that the experience feeds back into both the physical and online worlds, mixing both worlds.

For example, augmented reality allows virtual elements to be superimposed on the vision of reality to show what the product that will be received at home will be like, how a piece of clothing looks like a piece of furniture in the living room.

This will also mean a reduction in the return of products since it facilitates the first impression remotely.

Sustainability in eCommerce

In addition to the high level of digitization and personalization of the e-commerce stores of the future, our purchasing and consumption model is changing and is rapidly moving towards the circular economy, a phenomenon of consumption that will be heard everywhere in the coming years.

The circular economy is already very popular in retail, where clothing, accessories, and footwear are given second and third life.

The circular economy implies eliminating waste from products from their design. It is a strategy that seeks to reduce the use of raw materials, repair or reuse materials, and recycle waste, always fully understanding the usefulness and value of products and resources.

New sales strategies in the e-commerce of the future

After the rise of live broadcasts, a new online sales method is emerging where businesses allow you to buy your products live either on TV or on social networks, in which case we are talking about Live Streaming Ecommerce (because if We do not give it a little name in English, it seems that something superpro and innovative is being done, it gives us marketers a kick).

Through Live Streaming eCommerce, products are displayed and can be purchased with a click instantly, the hot sale of the future!

This online sales strategy allows you to test products, show testimonials from other users, and answer questions live, providing a link to buy at the moment in the transmission.

In addition, thanks to it, the most human part of brands is shown and makes digital marketing accessible to SMEs; freelancers… not only big companies can do very cool things in digital marketing!

Metaverse and electronic commerce

Well, the metaverse in relation to eCommerce (and that it works very well, of course) seems to me to be from an even more distant future, but… it will come!

Some brands have taken their first steps into the metaverse by selling their products. However, most users don’t have the technology to connect to a truly immersive metaverse, and companies are still in their infancy with this technology as well.

The augmented reality or the extended reality that we discussed before, through which you can try on clothes without leaving home and see how they would fit, would go further in the case of the metaverse; it would be our avatar that compares the clothes. Still, the clothes will arrive at your real-world home! And so will your avatar!

Beware of this eCommerce of the future. Do you like it?


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