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The Great Technological Trends That Await Us In 2023


The global instability of the last year has caused many companies to rethink their business model. A turning point that has served to adopt new technological solutions that allow them to overcome this crisis and turn them into a competitive advantage.

Although in a scenario as unstable as the current one, it is difficult – if not impossible – to predict how technology will evolve, some consultancies such as Gartner have jumped into the pool and have addressed which sectors will mark the use of technological transformation in 2023.

So, let’s review the technological trends that will start today in the coming months!

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and machine learning are increasingly used in routine industry processes, ranging from automating business processes to improving healthcare. This type of technology is expected to continue to advance and become even more useful in the future.

This year, among the new trends, highlights the adaptive ID that is used to overcome the traditional machine learning models that were applied to date and that serves to better adapt to real-world circumstances.

Our company collected all the necessary information through Data Science and AI to generate faster routes for drivers through Google Maps.


Surely you have heard about the metaverse for a long time, although it is possible that you have yet to realize what real uses it will have in our daily lives.

Mark Zuckerberg, the founder of the social network Facebook and CEO of Meta, has been the architect of popularizing the metaverse, a virtual world you access with your avatar that will offer thousands of possibilities in the future. If we simplify the concept, it would be a version of real life -saving the distances- but on the Internet.

For example, instead of writing an email or a Slack message to your co-workers, the metaverse could allow you to walk into a virtual meeting room and talk to your team “face to face”. , using your avatar. The same will happen with purchases or shows; your avatar will perform the actions.

In 2023, the metaverse concept will continue to drive all the technologies involved, with advances in the development of web 3.0 and the extension of the use of blockchain as a key technology that will allow safer experiences.

For example, last year, the Accenture consultancy created ‘Accenture Metaverse Continuum’, a working group that seeks to help companies adapt to the new technological environment, where technologies such as digital twins or extended reality are gaining prominence.

Super Apps

Super apps are platforms where the user has all the features they need in one place and which bring together various services in a single interface. Thus, this Super App offers a means for third parties to develop and publish their mini-applications.

Although they have yet to be very common in Europe, their use is expected to increase in 2023. They will gradually incorporate elements such as “chatbots”, more personalized services and even experiences in the metaverse. An example of a super application is the WeChat service, an app widely used in China, which offers free messaging and calling services, social networks and an all-in-one online payment system.

Medical Device Technology (MedTech)

The merger of the Internet of Things with MedTech is an excellent opportunity to solve current challenges in the medical field. In this sense, the team has the Doctor I health platform, an online management and communication tool with many online medicine specialists.

Among its services is access to chats with the best medical, legal and veterinary professionals. Through the medical chat, we can make medical consultations in chat format or by video call at any time of the day, send attached documentation and receive valid medical prescriptions at any pharmacy.

Internet of Things (IoT)

In 2023 there will be more work developing global standards and protocols that devices can use to communicate with each other and work more efficiently. The Internet of Things is expected to grow and be used in many applications, such as health monitoring, smart homes, and energy management.

Although we already know many of the uses of the IoT in our daily lives, such as smart home appliances or smartwatches, it is expected that many more devices -43 billion in 2023, according to Gartner- can be connected in the near future. The Catalan startup Sateliot is working on this. 5G has launched a fleet of nanosatellites that function as telephone towers and will allow many more IoT devices to be connected in all corners of the world.


With the rise of cyberattacks, cybersecurity will continue to be mandatory for companies in 2023. In this sense, government initiatives focused on protecting Internet users will be launched, the security of home networks will be strengthened, and AI to improve cybersecurity.

In this last matter of cybersecurity, a product that will set the trend in the cyber security sector and that in the United States is already mandatory for many companies.

Zero Trust, the so-called “zero trust” security model, effectively protects organizations and facilities in the cloud thanks to its three principles:

  • Verify before each access attempt.
  • Minimize authorized access.
  • Monitor and reduce the impact of violations.

Digital Twins

Digital twins have been positioned as one of the most prominent technological trends for years, and this year they will do so again, especially within the industrial sector.

Digital twins are digital representations of an object that are used for simulations and to predict possible errors. This technological trend is used in logistics (container fleet management or shipment monitoring) and the medical sector (organ donation or surgical training).

These will not be the only trends we are discovering this year, so if you want to know more, we are here to advise you.


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