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The Nine Best Remote Job Portals


The best remote job search portals in the world. It has been a long time since being present in the office was left behind as the only option to demonstrate our professional worth. And the tech sector knows it well! For this reason, we have compiled a list of some of the best remote job portals today. Prepare your resume and take notes.

The 9 best remote job portals to find work from home

Working from home is the dream of many people. In fact, remote work offers some incalculable advantages compared to office employment. Without talking about work-life balance or saving time and money, working from home gives you the possibility of petting your cat at any time, making a coffee with your favourite milk or stretching your legs on the terrace. So if you also want to join teleworking, take a look at our list of the best remote job portals.


The largest professional network in the world is, in turn, one of the best job portals today. On this platform, you not only have a profile and contacts but also an employment section where you can find jobs related to your experience and skills. The job search section has a filter to find remote work. Additionally, LinkedIn also offers recommended connections and positions that can be especially helpful for networking and finding new opportunities.


The rise in supply and demand for remote employment has caused Infojobs to evolve to offer positions in remote and hybrid modes. Therefore, among the filters to categorize jobs is teleworking. To search, select your preferences in the In-Person/Teleworking option.

In addition, Infojobs also keeps track of your applications. For these reasons and the high number of offers that the platform hosts, Infojob is considered one of the best remote and in-person job portals.

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IT is a platform designed for agencies and companies to find specialized talent to develop new projects, so this portal is especially suitable for freelancers. However, Upwork also has long-term, full-time job offers in various disciplines. The platform stands out for being very intuitive and easy to use. Communication between the two parties of the project and payment methods are as simple as they are accessible. In addition, any professional can create their profile, show their skills and bid on projects that interest them.


Like Upwork, Malt is a platform focused on connecting freelancers who work remotely with companies and agencies. However, there is a detail that makes Malt unique: it is the businesses that search for and contact the profiles of professionals to send their proposals. For companies to find you, you will need to register your freelance profile, and you will be able to include your experience, training and portfolio. In addition, Malt is one of the few portals not focused on offers in English. You can find multiple Spanish-speaking companies on the platform.


Freelancer is an employment platform where you can find projects of any size anywhere in the world. Although the portal has many hourly and fixed-price offers, the competition on this network is very high.

For this reason, Freelancer offers both free and paid access with more features. To be part of one of the best remote job portals, you must complete your profile, look for projects that fit your knowledge and highlight your skills and abilities.


Without a doubt, one of the most popular portals to sell digital products or services is Fiverr. This platform stands out for its ease of use and the possibility of growing as a freelancer thanks to the scoring system to generate a reputation. To offer your skills, you must complete your information as a seller and create your first service specifying all the details. You can even add an explanatory video!


Workana is a platform that allows companies and individuals to hire the services of independent professionals to carry out projects related to web development, design, writing and translation, among many others. Creating a profile on Workana is entirely free and does not require a prior admission process. To send a proposal, you must choose your category, detail your skills and show your portfolio.


Among the best English-language remote job portals, we find Angel. Co. This platform, focused exclusively on startup offers, is an excellent opportunity to join a young team eager for success—one of the peculiarities of Angel.co is to connect the two parties of the project directly, without intermediaries. Angel.co has a fast subscription process focused on the technology sector, especially software development.


One of the oldest and most reputable portals for remote work is Flexjobs. Although its offers are in English, it welcomes offers from the most important companies in the tech sector. In addition, the website allows exhaustive filtering of proposals, ensuring they are competitive and transparent. Of course, it is a payment platform, so if you want to apply for any offers, you must go to checkout.

The notion of work has changed to give way to an era in which teleworking is an option as viable as it is valuable. Thanks to the role that technology has played in this evolution, today, we can find online platforms that connect professionals and companies virtually.

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