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This Is How AI Helps Improve The Performance Of Formula 1


In Formula 1, data and analytics are essential, which is why AI is the best ally.

There are up to four different uses in which teams take advantage of Observability Cloud technology.

In Formula 1, every second counts and can make the difference between winning or losing a race, which is why there is a whole science behind this sport, and how could it be otherwise? Artificial Intelligence (AI) has opened up a hollow, and now it has become an indispensable tool to improve the performance of the cars, the drivers, and the entire team participating in each race.

In a few months, we have suddenly seen how AI has reached all aspects of our lives, from mobile applications to performing tasks that people used to do to even sports. This technology is used to facilitate, streamline and improve the performance of what we do, so it is no surprise that Formula 1 teams apply AI to their work.

“In Formula 1, more than in any other sport, data is power and can make the difference between a heroic victory or a hectic defeat,” explains company experts. And it is that, as the company points out, the teams are investing more and more in Observability Cloud, a data monitoring and analysis technology driven by AI and Deep Learning.

With it, they can observe, measure and understand the internal and external behaviour of the car in real-time, thus allowing them to analyze performance and predict possible problems even before they occur. We can find up to four uses that Formula 1 drivers and teams make of this technology.

1. Holistic monitoring of all vehicle parts at once

Thanks to this technology, mechanics and engineers can jointly monitor all aspects of the car. This is perfect; for example, if the engine temperature does not stop increasing, this could be for various reasons. However, with Cloud Observability, you can tell that the side pods are not releasing the heat.

2. Upgrade the car from the factory

This monitoring is combined with predictive AI technologies, which can detect and identify mechanical failures even before they occur and can make decisions to make the best use of resources.

3. Perfect the race strategy

Again, this technology goes beyond simple analysis, as it can make strategic decisions based on data collection and your previous experience. Furthermore, it makes all these decisions in real-time thanks to the ability to assimilate data and information at superhuman speed.

4. Guide the pilot to squeeze his performance

Even though the car and the technology it is equipped with are decisive in winning a race, in the end, it is the driver who drives it, and many factors can vary to make the driver give his best version. This AI can analyze the driver’s state, how he drives the car, and how he reacts to situations; in this way, it can share this information with the driver and his team in real-time to increase his performance.

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