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What Is A POS System (POS or Point Of Sale)?

The management of sales processes has always required agile and productive solutions. Compared to traditional systems, the POS system (Point of Sale) or point of sale terminal is the key tool that allows businesses to process orders quickly and efficiently.

This article will explain what POS software consists of and why it is important that your company in the food or retail sector can use this type of point of sale program.

What is a POS Point of sale system?

A POS system is a computer program that allows you to manage different aspects of the sales process:

  • Payment management
  • Printing of tickets and invoices
  • Barcode reading
  • Product identification

It is usually found in face-to-face points of sale or in offices with a warehouse to process online orders. This type of POS system is accompanied by the necessary hardware devices for proper operation.

  • Cash register
  • Touch screen
  • Thermal printer
  • Code bar scanner

Summary: The new POS systems (point of sale program) allow managing the entire sales cycle in the multiple channels used by the HORECA sector and allow efficient integration with the ERP that facilitates customer loyalty.

POS program: on-premise or in the cloud

The POS software or point of sale program can be two types, depending on the installation location.

On-Premise: the POS program is installed in the computer systems of the company itself and depends directly on their working optimally

The software provider hosts the POS system in the cloud, and registered users can connect to it through a username and password.

Whatever the form of software implementation, there is vital to be good connectivity between the different devices since companies now have multiple sales channels due to the rise of the Internet.

Importance of using a point of sale (POS) program

Traditional PC cash register systems do not allow the efficient management of sales operations carried out through different channels due to the current omnichannel that companies in the HORECA sector and the retail trade are experiencing.

Your company needs a POS system that allows it to manage its stores and franchises, telephone sales, mobile apps, and integration with delivery chains such as Globo, Über Eats, or Deliveroo.

In this line, companies need a point of sale program that allows managing the entire sales cycle in multiple channels, facilitating effective integration with ERP software, where information can be accessed in real-time. All of this will result in greater customer satisfaction.

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