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What Is Computer Security, And How Can It Help Me?


In the computer field, we have many concepts that intervene in our day-to-day activities, which can positively impact the movement of our business and our domestic routine. On most occasions, we have heard about some of them relatively regularly. In others, their presence is not as prominent in most environments.

In this article, we will focus on the concept of computer security and realize its scope and the different elements that can intervene directly in its ability to help us.

What is computer security?

First of all, we will start the article by defining the concept of computer security. In this case, we find a process that prevents and detects the unauthorized use of any computer system daily. Therefore, when we use this concept, we also refer to our need to protect our system from any intruder in any process that intervenes in any part of our daily operations.

Computer security is a concept that is so broad that it is necessary to determine the different elements that can intervene on a day-to-day basis. It is convenient to know that when we use the concept of computer security, we are also making use of different types of security that exist. In addition to the areas in which it is specialized.

What are the types of computer security that exist?

Hardware security

Hardware security is the first type of computer security that we can find on the market today. It is the type of security that is directly related to the protection of devices used to protect all kinds of systems and networks against any risk we may face.

Different methodologies can help us determine this type of security and guarantee the coverage of all the devices we have at all times. In this case, there is the possibility of uninterruptible power supplies, in addition to proxy servers, firewalls, and hardware security modules. In addition to many other options that protect our physical equipment from any damage, we find ourselves immersed in.

Software security

The second is software security. It is another of the most outstanding options we can currently find in the market. In general terms, it is essential to know that this type of security is used to protect systems against malicious attacks by hackers or any other agent whose objective is to be able to prevent any scenario in which our operations can function in conditions of ordinary.

It is necessary to analyze our software in depth to know what defects our system has to prevent any external element from “sneaking” into our day-to-day operations.

Network security

Network security is related to the design of all activities that focus on protecting data accessible through the network and where there is the possibility of being modified, stolen, or misused.

In this type of security, the actions that must be carried out are related to protecting any threat originating from viruses, Trojans, phishing, or spyware. In addition to data theft or identity theft. All of them are common threats that we must protect to avoid any possible negative scenario that we need to anticipate.

What are the four main areas that computer security covers?


Confidentiality is one of the elements that must always be present when we refer to the concept of computer security. It is about ensuring that only authorized users can access our company’s data, information, and resources.

Through an exemplary implementation of confidentiality, we will always have the guarantees that only users who need access will be able to consult the important information for our business due to its characteristics.


Integrity is another aspect that will have a more than positive impact on our business. Suppose users must have the ability to modify the data. In that case, they must be previously authorized to perform according to what type of functions, given the impact these can have on the day-to-day of our business.


The computer security company we opt for must be available when necessary. For this reason, we should only trust those companies that guarantee us at all times a time window of availability that is wide enough to be able to squeeze all our needs.


Are we communicating with the companies or people we want to share with? This is one of the first questions we should ask ourselves when establishing any connection. If we have doubts, we must resort to an external computer security company that helps us to be able to shield all our recommendations to the maximum.

The advantages of computer security

Once we know the importance of computer security, it is also essential to know its advantages when determining all the benefits that we have by hiring a specialized company.

These are the main objectives that we will be able to access:

  • Privacy: A company specializing in computer security will be able to help us effectively preserve the private data of both employees and customers. In this way, we avoid suffering any computer attack to which we have to be exposed in any situation.
  • Productivity: In addition to privacy, productivity is another of the most critical elements when working with the concept of computer security. Computer security helps us so that no production cycle can stop when we try to improve our day-to-day efficiency.
  • Prevention: One of the main mistakes that we must avoid when we use the concept of computer security is the need to act only when any possible security leak arises. It is also important that the company works on prevention.

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