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Whatsapp Web: What It Is, How To Use It, And The Best Tricks

WhatsApp is today a basic on any smartphone, and the jewel in the crown of Meta has not reached where it is by chance. But it is a fact that some do not want to depend on their phone to communicate with their contacts, so it is common to look for alternatives to use the app on other terminals. That’s why WhatsApp Web exists, a very convenient way to use it on your computer. In this post, we discover what it is and the best tricks to use it.

The other way to use WhatsApp without your smartphone

One of the things that everyone loves about technology is how flexible it is in many cases. And it is that when an application is available for several platforms or is backward compatible with previous systems, it is greatly appreciated.

In the case of mobile applications, it is also important to have several possibilities to use them, not only on several devices.

One of the most famous applications can be used directly from a computer. More specifically, it can be used from any web browser on any device.

Indeed, you can use this version as one of the best options to continue using the application on a device other than your mobile.

How to use WhatsApp Web

You will already know that Meta’s flagship application has different versions. In addition, in all of them, you can synchronize and consult your messages whenever you want, without any risk of losing them.

But only one of them has specific functions designed for professionals and businesses. Today is not the turn to talk about it; instead, the version in which you do not have to install anything beyond a browser on another device.

This seems very simple because every electronic device similar to a computer already has one pre-installed.

And this online version does not need any download; to start using it, you must enter the dedicated website. There is a downloadable version, but if you don’t want to install more apps, this is the best alternative you can have on a device.

The steps to start using it are extremely simple:

  • Turn on your computer
  • Go to your favorite browser.
  • Enter WhatsApp Web
  • From your mobile, go to WhatsApp> Menu of the three points> linked devices
  • Here you must click on the Link to the device
  • Unlock the terminal

Read with your mobile the QR that you have on the browser page of your computer.

All your information will be migrated directly to the PC in a few seconds. The messages will arrive before your phone, so you will always be aware of everything that happens almost at the touch.

Are there limitations on the service?

This is a good question, but it does have pros and cons. It only has that it stays active on the device you’re signed in to. By default, you will not be logged out of your browser unless you activate it in incognito mode.

This has a solution: to make sure that you log out of your profile part. Another method is to go to the linked devices section of your terminal, click on the last one you used and cancel the Link. We guarantee that this is executed instantly.

Many may think it is a limitation that your phone turns off, but the truth is that it already works semi-autonomously with the Meta service.

It is an interesting trick for everyone who has an iPad to use the Meta app since it is the only method by which you can use WhatsApp on the iPad.

Therefore, the only thing you need is to have your mobile and a device at hand to start working with this feature that Meta offers you. And since you don’t download the official app, it’s the best alternative to save space and use it quickly and easily.

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