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Why Should You Study Marketing?


Currently, studying marketing is a fundamental part of business development strategies. It allows you to launch key activities for brand positioning, customer connection, and increased sales.

Today, the demand for specialized marketing professionals is growing. Therefore, completing a Master in Commercial Management and Digital Marketing may be what you need to achieve that job or start a successful business.

And in case you wonder how necessary it is to study marketing, today we answer some questions. Betting on studies that are increasingly in demand has a vast job opportunity and plays a vital role in the growth of all companies.

What is Marketing?

For thinkers, economists, and business people such as Philip Kotler, marketing is the set of strategies that improve and publicize the image of a company, adding value to the services and products it offers to a target market.

Therefore, science and art define, measure, and quantify the profitability of the market and its potential profit to satisfy consumer needs. And with it, guarantee the socioeconomic development of all parties.

Although marketing has evolved, its objectives have always been clear:

  • Identify sectors and target audiences
  • Retain customers
  • Increase the visibility of brands, products, and services
  • Generate experiences
  • Educate and improve market conditions.

What is studied in marketing?

Marketing is a discipline responsible for studying consumers’ behaviour and the market. The main objective of marketing is to attract, capture, retain and retain customers. For this reason, its study lays the foundations for effective strategic planning in the face of the proposed objectives and the changes experienced by the global market.

In this way, the marketing career is based on learning and applying the strategies suitable for a specific business model. Consistently achieve the previously established objectives.

Therefore, during the career or specialized Master’s, students learn about:

  • Strategic management
  • Commercial operation
  • Planning tools
  • Trends and technological applications
  • Consumer psychology

Why study digital marketing?

The study of digital marketing is essential because this discipline is found in all services and products that wish to position themselves in the market. Therefore, the correct promotion and communication with potential customers depend fundamentally on how our marketing campaigns are.

As we have said, the marketing career is learning and applying communication strategies and customer loyalty. These must be efficient and effective for the concept and brand image of the company or freelancer that provides a service in its corresponding market sector.

Studying marketing can significantly facilitate this strategic management process, achieving favourable results that can be summarized in terms of profit, profitability, and progress.

In this sense, a professional specializing in marketing is a professional who:

  • It will optimize your performance
  • Will achieve the proposed objectives
  • You will identify job opportunities in a much more intelligent and friendly way
  • You will improve and develop analytical and creative skills.

What skills are needed to study marketing?

The marketing student must be prepared to be highly connected to the global market. In an era of constant change, it is essential to stay up to date. New technologies are critical, and it is necessary to optimize communication channels to know how to connect with potential customers.

And although personality and natural abilities are important, the study of marketing allows you to develop and enhance these abilities, giving rise to an advanced professional profile that includes:

  • Creativity
  • Leadership
  • Bargaining power
  • Social responsability
  • Critical and strategic thinking
  • Ethical sense
  • Ease of communication
  • Power of persuasion
  • Ability to work in a team
  • Decision-making power.

Five reasons to study Marketing

1. Studying marketing offers business projection

Marketing offers you an excellent business projection and a promising job future. We must not forget that today all companies need a marketing strategy to continue attracting customers and retaining the ones they already have.

2. Marketing offers a wide variety of fields in which you can specialize

The possible fields or subjects in which you can specialize when studying Marketing are immense. Within marketing, you can find product marketing, international marketing, industrial marketing, strategic marketing, and online marketing, among others.

3. You know everything that surrounds companies

Studying Marketing will allow you to know and be aware of everything that surrounds companies to be aware of the implications that marketing has in your day-to-day life. You will understand many of the actions that you see on television and even in establishments.

4. Marketing will help you always to be alive and up-to-date with new technologies

Marketing is a very lively discipline; therefore, it will force you to be constantly updated and constantly learn new technologies. Marketing changes and evolves every day, so it is a continuous challenge to understand and change this matter.

Marketing offers a whole world of possibilities to develop professionally since you can specialize in digital areas or marketing in specific sectors such as pharmaceutical marketing, social marketing, etc.

5. Marketing encourages creativity

If you like the creative world, marketing offers you many possibilities to develop your creativity. It is a discipline in which designs play a very important role, both graphically and in terms of the ability to generate original messages that reach and capture the consumer.

Studying and becoming a marketing professional has its advantages; you will be able to occupy highly relevant positions in marketing department management, advertising management, and creative management. The economic possibilities of studying Marketing are exciting because it is a profile that companies highly value.

Some jobs or job categories in Marketing

One of the most sought-after jobs has to do with SEO ( positioning experts) is one of the best paid and most valued professions. Here are some job positions:

  • Assistant marketing
  • Consultor marketing
  • Communication Manager
  • Marketing Manager
  • Marketing technician
  • Digital marketing specialist. (Specialists in marketing tools)
  • Merchandiser (Marketer)
  • Product Manager (Specialists in market research, competition, and product suitability)
  • Brand Manager (Manager of a brand)
  • Global marketing (Global address of a brand or firm)
  • Strategy manager (Specialists in both communication and marketing strategies)

As you can see, there is a whole range of opportunities. Working in this sector has the chance to influence people’s lives; you can use your skills to create campaigns and movements capable of changing the world.

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