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Five Types Of Technology That Can Improve The Results Of Your Company


It isn’t easy to gain an advantage over your competitors without proper tools. Today, many types of technology can help you get better results.

Let’s see some of those types of technology that you can use in your commercial department to improve the results of your company.

1. Social selling tools

Users who use social networks to interact with companies grow exponentially. Now they no longer use social media to share the photos of the last party with their friends; they use social networks as another means to interact with companies, whether to buy, ask a question or make a claim.

If you want to reach this type of user, you need a sales strategy in your company through social media.

These types of social selling technology provide some distinct advantages. There are three different types of actions you’ll want your team to be able to take using these types of social selling tools:

  • Listen: You need to know exactly what your audience is concerned about and talking about.
  • Create and post content: Schedule posts to various platforms and send direct messages.
  • Integrate: You’ll want the ability to augment existing customer records with the information you get from social media.

2. Email tracking software

Tracking email campaigns, knowing when a customer opens an attachment, and knowing clicks is not enough to gain a competitive advantage. You need to focus on actionable events and real-time results that tell you exactly what to do to improve your email marketing. If you get this kind of flexibility, your sales team will reach more prospects and close more sales.

3. Types of technology that improve motivation

Sellers need to be highly competitive to be successful, so it’s essential to provide them with the right incentives at all times. Some types of technology, such as Level, specialize in making it easy to create and immediately update sales leadership or performance recognition programs. It even integrates with specific CRM systems to update everything automatically. Sometimes an extra incentive is all your sales team needs to outperform the competition.

4. Web conferencing tools

A web conferencing tool that improves communication between your sales team and your customers or prospects is one of the most valuable types of technology to invest in.

Conferencing software allows your sales team to instantly create conference rooms that will enable screen sharing on the go in addition to the video conference itself. You can also make a permanent conference room at a specific URL. If a client has a quick question, you can send the link to your consultation room to solve it.

5. Document management tools

Document management and content management are powerful sales tools. Through them, you can offer your sales teams valuable and adequate documentation for their day-to-day activities, such as ebooks, case studies, and spreadsheets. Your reps can effectively communicate with prospects and customers with this and other documentation.

These types of technology also make it possible to offer sales teams tools such as videos, sales guides, information about the competition, etc., with content that can help them move forward and close more sales.


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