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Five Mistakes You Should Not Make On Your Social Networks


Hello! In this post, we will talk about five errors in social networks (very common). So that you take them into account and know what you should NOT do in your business/project networks. Shall we start?

Mistake 1: Using personal profile instead of company account

First, this is from social media management: a personal profile is not intended for professional use.

We already know that the personal profile is a known environment where you feel comfortable, but believe us, you should switch to the company profile and leave the person for your friends and your things.

In the first place, because you are losing a lot of functionalities that business accounts offer to make them more attractive and useful (scheduling publications, tagging products, statistics, etc.) in addition to the option of being able to advertise (essential today to grow your community).

Secondly, because the image you convey is not professional, for example, on Facebook, you force whoever wants to follow you to become your friend and, therefore, to give you access to their publications. That is something that we do not like at all, and you?

And last but not least, because it is very likely that they will close your account if they detect that you are not giving it the personal use for which it should have been created. And this implies that you will lose all the content you have uploaded and the followers.

If you are using a personal profile and would like to change it to a business account on Facebook or Instagram, we will tell you how to do it step by step in this post.

Mistake 2: Not completing all the profile information

Sometimes we create an account on a social network quickly and skip thoroughly filling out each section of our profile. Go back to that step and fill in everything: photo, web page, description, hours, address, telephone, contact email,…. The easier you make it for users to find what they are looking for, the better. You can also add your story, the release date, and some curiosities that will allow you to connect with your audience.

Do not forget the personalized buttons and fill in all the links (especially those that lead to your website or your other social networks).

All this data is in the settings of your page/profile. Go back there and go over what you left blank last time so you can complete it.

Mistake 3: Typing with misspellings

This is how we react every time we see a spelling error in our profile.

It is very important to take care of the image we transmit, and correctness when writing is an essential aspect to take into account.

You can have an account with a more or less informal communicative style, but that does not mean that you can write badly. Closeness yes, misspellings no. Never.

Review everything you write before publishing it and if you have questions with a word, better consult it. Anyway, you always have the option to edit a post as soon as you discover your mistake (except on Twitter and Instagram / Facebook stories, you will have to delete the post and do it again).

Mistake 4: Not replying to comments

Any comment they leave on your social networks must be answered—also the evaluations or scores.

If they are positive, take a moment to thank them for doing so. It is not easy at all these days to receive good reviews publicly, so if someone takes their time doing it, they deserve an answer. Sometimes a “Thank you for your words 🙂” will be enough; other times, you will be able to work out a more detailed answer.

If there are questions or doubts, answer as soon as possible. Sometimes in the speed when it comes to solving these questions is the success of a sale.

If it is a negative comment, never leave it as a lost thing because it can turn against you. Try to answer as assertively as possible. If he’s right, give it to him and apologize. If it does not take it, try to refer the conversation to the private sphere asking that they send you more information to an email or private message to solve the problem. But never leave these messages unattended. Keep in mind that other users will read them and that it is your image that is at stake.

Finally, if you advertise, remember that they can also leave comments here. Take a look now and then for any.

Mistake 5: Copy content

It is legal to look at the profiles of your competitors to know what they are doing, how you can improve, get inspired … But never to copy.

Always give your publications your style and create original and varied content.

Your followers will like to see something different and not the same as they already have elsewhere, and rest assured that if you copy, they will catch it on the fly.

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