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Advantages Of Collaborative Marketing: Ideas To Implement It


Do you know about collaborative marketing? These marketing strategies are perfect for engaging consumers and establishing good communication. We will tell you some practical ideas and the advantages you will get if you apply them.

What is collaborative marketing?

Collaborative marketing consists of a series of strategies and actions that seek to integrate the participation of followers, customers, fans, etc. The ultimate goal is to form a closer and more positive relationship between the company/brand and the public or its consumers.

In this way, collaborative marketing strategies focus on achieving and promoting public participation, taking advantage of that response in their campaign to generate a more positive image and to make people who have participated feel more identified with the brand.

It is not only about seeking their participation but about showing that that participation has a meaning or an objective. For example, collaborative marketing companies usually do a product test to know the opinion of consumers or a contest in which they have to create some content to participate, which you can later share on the brand’s social networks.

Examples of Collaborative Marketing: When It Can Be Useful

There are many occasions when collaborative marketing can be implemented, from product testing to contests and events. Therefore, let’s see some of the actions and marketing strategies of companies that can be applied.

Product Launch Events

Product or service launches can be very important in the field of marketing. A good option is to invite social media followers or loyal customers to a product presentation event, either face-to-face or virtual. People like to feel special and be part of a launch event; it’s a very exclusive occasion. This is usually given by lottery, for example, among the likes of a post, or by “loyalty prize”, for example, by inviting your top 10 customers.

Customize a product

Who doesn’t like to give a personal touch to a product? Making an action in which users can customize a product or its packaging for free, such as cookies, sneakers, etc., will give a lot to talk about, especially on social networks.

Be part of the product process

If you want consumers to feel special, let them choose. Create a marketing strategy in which users can vote through social networks or choose a product feature on your website. For example, in drinks, select a new flavour, or in shoes, choose the best designs of the collection.

Promote content creation

It’s simple but effective; make a social media strategy with a specific hashtag and ask questions or encourage sharing photos, videos, etc. That way, people will talk about you, and you can re-post that content. Especially useful for promoting the hospitality and tourism sector.

Content contests

Similar to the previous option, but offering a “reward” to users to participate. They usually work very well and can be artistic, fun, etc. For example, a beauty brand holds a contest where users upload photos of creative makeup to participate.


QyAs, translated as “Questions and Answers”, are a great way to get the public to participate and feel integrated with the brand. Typically, they are done live on social networks, announced in advance. It’s ideal because you answer users’ questions live and offer them practical information while establishing a relationship. Qiu can also be done before product launches or events.

What are the advantages of your business?

With collaborative marketing, you can obtain several benefits for your business and brand:

  • Create direct and two-way communication: it is essential that consumers feel that they have that way of communicating with the brand and that a closer relationship is created.
  • Customer loyalty: when users feel integrated into the brand’s actions and see that they are heard, they become ambassadors of your brand and will recommend it to all their family and friends.
  • Building a community: Having a community around your brand is essential to promoting your products and values.
  • Improve the brand image: if you get an integrated community that speaks positively of you and shares your marketing actions, this will improve your image.
  • Enhance your content: collaborative marketing is a great way to get new content, either through contests, events, questions and answers, etc. All these contents are usable for a long-term strategy.

As you can see, collaborative marketing is an easy marketing strategy to do. That can be economical but at the same time offers excellent results at the level of loyalty and the creation of a brand community.


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