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Social Media Trends In 2022


What’s next…!

2022 appears with new formats and many digital novelties that I have been in charge of signing so that even the roadrunner does not escape us.

Because for digital speed, one day you are discovering the emoticons and a week you go to make gifs like churros, which by the way, are already demodé.

I do not know when we have gone from the fotolog (yes, I’m nostalgic) to the TikTok, this of the devil.

If you don’t want to be left behind, open your eyes wide and pay attention to what I’m going to tell you because social networks are not for well-off minds.

What is expected on Social Networks for the next year, 2022?

Here we go…

Big brands take advantage of the momentum of established communities to get to know their customers better and create solid relationships

We forget the concept of creating a community from scratch because the heart of the matter is in those that already exist organically. Stop thinking of your followers as “your community”, listen and find your place in the conversation. Don’t forget to support the content creators of those communities to earn their trust.

Social networks have become a big search engine among young people

Search engines continue to be entered, but the primary source of information for the public between 16 and 24 is social networks. If you are not in networks, you are nobody, and If you do not have your basic information updated in networks, you are nobody; if you do not facilitate a purchasing process in networks, you are nobody, If you do not attractively show your product or service in networks.

Indeed! You are nobody! (So ​​imagine what happens if you don’t have a good strategy.)


You say while you stick your blue pupil in my pupil. It is an emulation of reality, a virtual life or video game in which we interact, in which there may even be our currency. Zuckerberg talks non-stop about this issue (recently, we have seen how he has changed the name of Facebook to “meta”, although we all know that we will continue to call it Facebook) and creates a virtual metaverse in which users are avatars.

Without going any further, those responsible for the game Fortnite took advantage of the confinement to create virtual interactions that simulated a metaverse, creating events related to the game.

Tik Tok will be the mirror in which the rest of the social networks are looked at

Yes, TikTok will set the tempo. And nothing is by chance if we consider that video is the protagonist of social networks. All thanks to TT. New in the social network: “TikTok Resumes” a way to find work initially, Linkedin is going to lose its “monopoly” in this regard, and TikTok threatens with much helpful news.

Greater control over disinformation

It was time! We handle a lot of information daily, a large percentage of which corresponds to fake news. Networks like Twitter have joined the Associated Press and Reuters To ensure accurate and transparent communication.

Social networks that will have a significant impact in 2022

It’s time to get familiar with these names if you haven’t already: Caffeine, FaceCast, ClubHouse, Okuna, Twitch, WT. Social. I invite you to discover more about them.

Live stream shopping

Un, take it out of my hands! Broadcast live through social networks. The brands present their products in these lives, and the public can reserve/buy the articles in real-time. Communication and sales take place in a live chat.

Web stories Google

It is content similar to Instagram stories that will raise the importance of websites. Web stories will appear in google search results. Boom! More things to take into account in our SEO.

Google’s zero position, our obsession

As Love Of lesbian says… “first rows, our obsession “. The most desired position in the search results is not the first, and it is. Zero !. The one that is positioned above the rest: the URL is shown, sometimes an image and a piece of content.

Influencer marketing gains prominence and credibility

It is time to find and select those influencers who will give value and importance to your product or brand. Micro-influencers will gain from this trend.

Video is my favourite format

This format is the most attractive on social networks. 80% of consumers prefer it when deciding to make a purchase.

The content of the users themselves triumphs

Users become great protagonists. And it is that adding content generated by these is a success: it creates trust and increases conversions. Well, excellent and. cheap strategy.

Customer service in social networks

If you think that your networks will work by publishing content and interacting just enough.

I suppose you might be wrong. Stop playing dead. Go to your message box on each social network and get ready by answering and paying the best possible attention: fast, friendly and efficient. This has to be the Lord’s prayer and what I say every day. Every minute! The importance of customer service in social networks has increased considerably.

What is no longer carried on Social Networks

The retro in your outfit of “modern @”, well… But on social networks, forget it.

Some things are no longer that they are not taken, but that they can ruin your social media management:

Organic content is lagging (although it will continue to be necessary), but now all the prominence will be focused on paid content, with a good strategy and segmentation.

The highly advertising static content is not like, it no longer sells, it does not fall in Love. We hope for a closer range that moves us inside, that invites us to interact.

Publications must be as realistic as possible; please leave the image bank aside. The consumer prefers a real photo to an image that does not bring the product closer to you, even if it is poorly made.

Long videos: it is time for short videos; we want the information as compressed and agile as possible: fast, powerful content.

This is just a summary of what is coming. Because 2022 is very busy for social media.


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