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Advantages Of Using A POS In The Cloud For Restaurants

In this post, we would like to explain the advantages of using cloud POS for bars and restaurants. We are talking about cloud point-of-sale terminal software, specially designed for companies in the hotel and restaurant sector, which can help you automate and optimize a large part of your internal processes.

The HORECA sector (Hotels, Restaurants, Cafeterias) is undergoing significant transformations. Customer booking habits have changed; today, more than ever, we must manage our orders efficiently and orderly. A restaurant POS program makes it much easier for your company to control all processes properly.

Advantages of working in the cloud

The cloud offers great advantages to restaurants and cafeterias that want to manage their orders quickly and optimally. With a cloud POS, your company can obtain a series of advantages:

  • It is accessible from any device: your waiters do not need to go to the bar to charge a customer; they can do it directly from a tablet.
  • It is easy to implement: unlike POS software installed on your systems, to start using a POS in the cloud, you only need to register, and the program is accessible from the cloud. The implementation process is easier and faster.
  • It is scalable: even if your data increases over time (inventory, customer contacts, catalogue…), you do not need to purchase more space or change the program. The program adapts to you. In addition, you can implement the functionalities you need as your restaurant or cafeteria evolves.
  • It is more secure: the cloud allows all the data from your POS to be stored externally in your systems. The information is kept under robust security systems and distributed in multiple servers, so it is challenging for you to lose it, unlike what would happen if there is an accident, fire or flood in your company and save the data in your computer.

These are some of the benefits of POS software that your restaurant could benefit from if you opt for a cloud-based tool.

Advantages of having a specialized POS system

Another important point you should consider if you are looking for the best cloud POS for hospitality is to make sure that it is specialized software. Not all programs are geared toward restaurants, cafeterias, hotels, or food retailers. There are many generic ERP and POS that may not suit your needs.

The specialized POS includes functionalities that are useful for your restaurant. For example, table management, kitchen management, customer loyalty tools, integrating all orders from delivery chains into a single tool, etc.

A waiter with a POS for a restaurant or bar can manage orders directly from the tablet, send the information to the kitchen immediately and facilitate payment management through a mobile data phone or the most modern systems for online payment.

POS Cloud: fast and efficient management of orders

First, the software allows your restaurant to deal with omnichannel order management. All the orders that arrive to you will appear in your POS software; you will not have to have multiple systems and personnel managing orders manually.

This saves your work because you will not have to enter all the data from other channels in your ERP software, so you will save time and improve productivity.

The second area in which the restaurant POS program helps you is personalization. Not all programs are adapted to a specific restaurant and hotel business type. With this application, you can implement the modules that suit you best and adjust them to manage different establishments in multiple countries.

Another of the great advantages of this software is that you can manage the kitchen in real-time. You can assign orders to different cooks, manage to optimize delivery times, and ensure that orders are fulfilled. You can also improve the productivity of employees.

Finally, this POS tool in the cloud also allows you to have complete control of your business. You will have an intelligent inventory management solution and a Business Intelligence tool to establish objectives, plan tasks, analyze the evolution of your results and have control of your business.

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