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Custom Web Pages Or Pre-Designed Templates?


It is very likely that when you start your business on the Internet, you will find yourself deciding whether to buy a pre-designed template or opt for personalized web pages. We advance that the second option will bring you many more benefits and joys than a prefabricated website.

Five advantages of custom web development

The generic themes and templates available for a web page are often an attractive option due to the reduced costs and the short waiting time to see the final result. However, we will discuss five aspects of custom web design and development that prevail over templates.

1. Custom interface and user experience: UI and UX

With a custom web design and development, we will have a logical display of the elements on the web, and we will be able to attract the client’s attention and intuitive navigation through the web.

Optimizing and compressing the code and fewer extra tools installed mean that custom websites have faster loading speeds. This also improves its usability.

2. Features

Personalized web pages consider all the needs, both those of the administrator and those of the users. The back-office and the processes that users must carry out to make, for example, purchase through the website, are developed to measure. The actions will be designed to work with the guarantee of carrying out the process correctly.

However, in the case of a pre-designed template, part of the website’s functionalities and the design itself are predefined by a format and a link to a CMS.

3. Integrations

Although some themes allow integration with platforms and applications, custom web development ensures the integration and operation of any platform. It also allows you to link an application programming interface (API) to use third-party applications.

For example, in the case of a custom-built online store, you could work with the inventory management system, with the supply chain, or manage customer relationships.

Another very important issue is that the site has a responsive web design, a feature of the website that can only be ensured by having a unique design and not a predefined one. Although there are templates that have a responsive design, it is not usual.

4. Marketing and positioning of a web page

Custom web designs and developments allow more significant search engine optimization (SEO) and thus increase traffic to the web page through relevant URLs, descriptive meta tags, sitemaps, etc. The key is that a design-oriented positioning in Google is worked from scratch, so the web page will be better optimized than another with a default design on which SEO improvements are applied.

Another factor determining web positioning is the user experience that we talked about in the first point, determined by loading speed and usability.

5. Security

Pre-built templates are open-source tools that can be easily hacked, so they do not offer security guarantees. In addition, they are easily duplicable websites, with the penalty that this entails for Google.

On the other hand, in the event of any security breach, having the support of a development team that knows your website to the millimetre is very useful to avoid long-term problems. By opting for a template, there will be no support in unforeseen events.

6. Costs

As we said, templates are usually the fastest and cheapest option at first. However, the costs of licences and usage fees will increase over time.

A custom web design and development carry a higher initial cost than the pre-designed theme, but this price does not imply continuous payments and updates of licences and use.

Now that you know the advantages of opting for a personalized website, we recommend that you not only take into account the budget when deciding which option is best for your website. Be clear that investing in a unique and custom design and development for your website will benefit you. But, how to make a personalized web page?

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