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Top 3 Most Influential SEO Metrics


SEO metrics are very useful tools to help you determine a better positioning for your website.

There are so many options that we have decided to choose the three that will most enhance your content, reaching many more people just by making a few adjustments.

What are SEO metrics?

Metrics are data that help determine the state of interaction and the scope of your website, being guides for an SEO strategy.

SEO is a basic and important aspect regardless of what topic your website deals with. Without it, you will not be able to position yourself or make it slower and more difficult. To determine that it works, you will need to manage its metrics correctly.

There are different parameters within this field; most of them focus on your users’ reach and engagement statistics.

Therefore, you must keep in mind that each one has its importance and will be the basis of the operation of your website.

What is the importance of SEO metrics?

Positioning strategies are not static, they can change quickly, as online marketing does, but the metrics are almost always the same.

This data is important since an article covering most or all metrics is optimal to stay afloat.

The importance and care of these aspects lie in the positioning; without them, the SEO of your website will have little growth and visualization.

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What are the top three SEO metrics?

Three main aspects can leave your website very well, the keywords, the indexing, and the visibility of your website.

Use of keywords

It will allow us to know the position within the ranking and the search volume for these words.

Using keywords, such as words and sentences, will differentiate it from other websites with similar content.

They should be sentences constructed and used in all your articles, something that sets you apart and at the same time is identifiable to users.

It can support you in action phrases such as “Come and know everything you need,” these are usually eye-catching and attract clicks and traffic, which is necessary.

Indexing status

In this case, we will measure the number of URLs that Google shows.

If you work guided by your results in Google, this is a metric that will be very useful; the indexing must be correct, believe it or not, not everything should be indexed.

Worry about leaving on Google the content that matters, which gives information and answers user questions. Thus, you generate more visits and fewer bounces.

Remember to mark the necessary tags so that Google deindexed the content that you do not want to appear in the search results. With the follow / nofollow tags, we will indicate to the search engine which ones we want to be displayed and which ones not.

Visibility of your content

It is about checking the number of users who enter your website to visit its content.

Considered one of the main SEO metrics, visibility within search engines is essential for any website.

You can determine this with tools such as Google Analytics, which gives you the ability to obtain data on interactions with your search results.

You can raise this metric a bit with keywords with attractive titles and meta descriptions, which boost your website and interactions with it.

Apply these tips and look for your website to raise more and more within the ranking of results; you will soon be at number one if you do it right.

If you think SEO is as important a part of your digital strategy as any other.

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