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Home Automation: Everything You Need To Know!


Home automation is becoming increasingly popular in homes. There are many reasons for this: in addition to making the home more modern, it improves security and provides significant comfort.

Modernize the different parts of your house

Home automation is an area that allows you to automate several elements and areas of your home remotely. It also helps secure your home. The elements in question must be connected to a home automation system to do this. Thanks to this, you can automatically manage opening and closing shutters. Some devices can immediately accommodate a relay with a unit, but it is sometimes necessary to install various motorizations.

With a home automation system, you can enter and leave a room without having to worry about turning the light off or on, for example, comfort and a way to save energy. For these tasks, in particular, it is necessary to use sensors to detect changes such as movements. These are then analyzed by the home automation unit, which reduces which action is appropriate. Such a unit can issue instructions once you have taught it.

Install a home automation system

It is easier to set up a home automation system in your house. This includes several components to ensure an optimal installation. If you feel like it, you can make your home automation installation yourself. Otherwise, many professionals exist to carry out your installations according to your desires.

Use a home automation unit

Acting as a control centre that sends instructions to the various parts of your home connected to it, this device is available at all price points. The entry level is around a hundred euros; if you want to go up in quality and performance, the prices will inevitably rise.

For the configuration, you must indicate the specifics of the daily actions that this device is required to perform daily. For other actions, the home automation unit can be controlled with a remote or mobile device such as a smartphone.

Use wired or wireless relays

Depending on which parts of your home you want to take control of, you may require wired or wireless control. Thus, devices such as the thermostat or the fridge can be connected to the home automation unit by means of wires. This alternative exists but is not recommended.

One downside is that it can cost you in terms of wire length. It is also more complicated to set up a wired system apart from building houses. The wireless system is easier to set up and ultimately less expensive with the installation of sensors on the devices you wish to take control of.

The benefits of home automation

The growing interest in home automation is not without explanation; if people do it, it is because it has many advantages that we detail for you.

A more practical home

Once the home automation system is installed, daily tasks are much easier. Opening and closing shutters at specific times, automation of lights, and actions we won’t even have to consider.

The presence of the various sensors also makes it possible to have a set of information about your home. For example, you know the exact temperature of each room or whether someone is there at any given time.

More security

Home automation can also be used to enhance the general security of your home. When the security system is connected to it, it quickly gains efficiency. This is because it will use the various sensors connected to your interior.

They will help determine if unwanted people have entered your home. Devices such as surveillance cameras can also become more efficient with motion detection software, for example. When the camera recognizes movement, it can activate your home alarm.

Successful home automation

To successfully domotize your home, you have to proceed step by step.

Establish plans for actions to be taken

Determine which parts of the house you want to connect to a home automation system, then transcribe this into a plan. This will allow you to deduce the quantity of material you will need. It is also a good way to establish a budget.

Then, use the plan to list the actions required: for you or for the professional you will involve.

The relay of the different devices

You have two options for connecting a device to a home automation unit. The first is installing a sensor, generally connected to the switch on or off.

In the second case, motorization must be installed for windows and shutters, for example, when it is impossible to automate (manual shutters, etc.). This task can be quite technical, and you may wish to entrust it to a skilled tradesperson.

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