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Marketing Strategy On TikTok


We know that TikTok has come to hit it, becoming one of the most downloaded applications in 2020. And you will ask yourself, How can we develop a marketing strategy on TikTok?

With the exponential growth of this social network, many brands have managed to win a new marketing strategy.

We must take into account the user profile on TikTok, and we know that each social network works differently, and this is not going to be less. TikTok has its highest percentage of users between the ages of 16 and 24. If your brand is aimed at this group of people, pay attention to what we will tell you.

How does marketing on TikTok work?

Being a social network with millions of users, positioning a product has been very different, and it does not depend solely on creating a profile and paying for advertising. TikTok for companies is a reality, but you have to create a strategy with your head; it is not worth going crazy.

Globally recognized brands have led certain products to position themselves just by providing them to some users, who, when used, set trends within the social network.

On the other hand, labels make it easy to popularize one that recognizes a brand. Put the batteries together to create that hashtag that everyone wants to tag.

Probably one of the fastest marketing strategies on TikTok is its challenges, which go viral very quickly. Remember that TikTok has a segment of users looking to have fun, so make it easy for them and look for challenges that they can share to laugh.

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Do you need a profile as a brand to do marketing on TikTok?

This aspect depends a lot on what audience you want to reach; for example, you can create a profile to offer your products and, at the same time, complement it with other aspects.

An interesting feature of this new social network is the possibility of having a brand or company profile in which you can generate attractive content.

On the other hand, it is likely to get people to know you faster if you promote your brand from their profile, getting them to enter it to see what you offer.

Can your marketing strategy on TikTok be boosted with Ads?

This is an interesting part of this social network. It works outside the application and can have different ways of achieving interactions.

TikTok makes a series of payment plans available to brands or users who want to boost their profile that can range from some hashtags to banners within the app.

First, you need to register with a profile, either personal or as a company in TikTok Ads, a website for managing advertising in the app.

You must give completely truthful information, and this is because the company contacts the interested parties to make sure that the intention is true and real.

As a general fact, we recommend that you add keywords in your profile description to help TikTok understand what your brand or company is about.

What options do we have for advertising on TikTok?

The interesting thing about this Ads system is not the possibility of creating them, but rather the plans TikTok proposes as positioning options for profiles.

One of the main ones is Biddable Ads, where, as in other RRSS, you create an ad with direct access to a website, where the user can buy or download what you offer.

Then, one of the most interesting is the Brand Takeover, a banner that appears on the user’s screen when entering the app, and it can be an image or video.

Of the most interactive, the Hashtag Challenge stands out, which enhances the interaction for your profile through a challenge for users. The interesting thing is that each user who wants to participate must enter the profile you created to obtain the rules.

These are the main options; in all of them, you can determine the scope of your advertising, filtering the target audience.

Marketing on TikTok is very interesting; although we recommend you study your marketing strategy very well to avoid paying for something that may not work, remember that influencers can also be a great option.

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