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Mobile Phone Radiation: How Does It Affect Our Health?


One of the recent current topics is that France prohibited Apple from selling the iPhone 12 mobile phone in 2023 for exceeding the recommended levels of SAR radiation. In this post, we analyze what these radiations are and how they affect our health.

What is SAR radiation?

SAR, or Specific Absorption Rate, is the specific absorption rate that measures the amount of energy absorbed by the human body under the electromagnetic field generated by a mobile phone. It works using radio frequency waves that are transmitted between the telephone and the antennas of mobile networks. These waves are a form of non-ionizing radiation, meaning they do not have enough energy to break the chemical bonds of molecules or alter DNA.

Its measurement is watts per kilogram of body weight or W/kg. Usually, the SAR is calculated on the head, during calls, and on the body since we usually carry the mobile phone with us.

The controversy of this radiation

There is a lot of controversy over SAR radiation from mobile phones because it has been speculated that it could have adverse health effects, such as causing cancer, damaging the brain, or affecting fertility.

However, there is no conclusive scientific evidence to support these claims. The World Health Organization ( WHO ) classifies radio frequencies as possibly carcinogenic to humans but recognizes that more research is needed.

The studies carried out so far on mobile phone SAR radiation and its possible harmful effects on humans have needed to be more comprehensive, contradictory, or insufficient.

Some have found an association between intensive cell phone use and certain types of brain tumours, but others have found no relationship. In addition, many factors can influence the results, such as the type of phone, the duration and frequency of calls, the distance to the antenna, or the habit of using hands-free or headphones.


In summary, it has not been proven that SAR radiation from mobile phones is harmful to humans as long as the limits established by health authorities are respected.

In europe, the maximum permitted SAR limit is 2 W/kg per 10 g of absorbent fabric. However, some experts recommend applying the precautionary principle and reducing exposure to radiofrequency waves as much as possible.

Some measures that can be taken to protect ourselves or reduce exposure are:

  • Use your cell phone only when necessary
  • I prefer text messages or short calls
  • Move the phone away from the body when not in use or when charging
  • Avoid using it in areas with poor coverage or near electrical appliances.
  • Do not leave your cell phone nearby while you sleep
  • Use hands-free devices or headphones

How can I measure the SAR of my mobile phone?

There are several ways to know the SAR level of your mobile. One of them is to consult the manufacturer’s instruction manual or its official website. Another option is to search the Internet for the exact model of your phone and its SAR value.

You can also use a free app like Phone Tester or EMF Detector, which shows you the radiation level in real-time.

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