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How To Create Ads On Facebook And Instagram


Today, advertising campaigns on Facebook and Instagram are the best investment for those who want to boost their business, brand, or content. The business’s visibility in Social Media is essential, and digital marketing takes advantage of Facebook Ads to reach more users and, consequently, attract the most significant number of potential customers.

Suppose you intend to increase the projection of your business or brand. In that case, this article on how Facebook ads work and the benefits they bring to advertisers will be beneficial to reach more users, attract more customers and increase your sales. Sales.

What is known as Facebook Ads?

Surely you have noticed that advertisements appear from time to time in your feed on both Facebook and Instagram and coincidentally coincide with your tastes and interests. Exactly, all that sponsored content is what we know as Facebook Ads.

Facebook Ads is nothing more than advertising within the network itself, which are created or published as campaigns; it is a platform to advertise on the web as a merchant of your brand, product, or service, and you can take advantage of Facebook as a window to promote your business.

This is possible thanks to the Facebook Business Manager, a platform through which you can create advertising ads and design campaigns of different types and formats, such as video, text, graphics, GIFs, and images. Even advertising on Facebook can be segmented depending on your buyer persona or potential customer.

This tool allows the advertising ads designed by you to be automatically optimized and interspersed between the organic content of the networks, no matter if they are connected from the computer or their mobile phones.

Using Facebook Ads and creating advertising campaigns for Facebook and Instagram implies having an investment budget, being clear about the format or content to be advertised, and having a well-defined target audience; in this way, you can obtain in return the most beneficial results for your business or brand.

In 2020, Facebook remained the most used network in Social Media, according to the ranking of We Are Social and HootSuite, making it a widely used window today in digital marketing for the creation of effective advertising campaigns.

Advantages of using Facebook Ads

If we are talking about the advantages of using Facebook Ads, it is essential to know that Facebook has an average of more than 1,930 million daily active users. Statista reports issued this data, and, without a doubt, it is good information to consider when creating an advertising campaign with this tool.

High interaction in social networks

Users’ frequent interaction in social networks has discovered a great advertising opportunity far from traditional windows such as television, radio, and the press. In Digital Marketing, using Facebook Ads has been considered an important tool to attract users who can become potential customers.

Audience Segmentation

The ease of audience segmentation is a great advantage to take advantage of. Regardless of the target or audience, this tool helps find it and specifically target it. It even allows ads to be placed on other platforms for advertising on Instagram and WhatsApp, considering that both applications are integrated with Facebook and are its property.

Minimum costs

One of the most important advantages of using Facebook Ads is the low cost or minimal monetary investment involved in using this tool. Advertising ads on Facebook and Instagram are a cheap alternative compared to other advertising methods, mainly because you pay according to the type of purchase or action made on the ad. This, added to the ease it provides to segment the audience, implies an excellent benefit for the campaign since it will reach the consumer or potential client that is targeted.


Virality plays an important role when resorting to a tool like Facebook Ads. One of the benefits of social networks is that they have options such as recommending, commenting, sharing, among others; so designing an advertising campaign through that window allows you to create a chain of interaction between the same users, which can make the ad have a significant reach and even become popular, depending on the design elements or creativity applied.

It’s easy to use

What stands out about this tool is that far from being complicated, creating campaigns is quite simple and easy to use compared to other digital advertising strategies. Because it is a friendly platform with very beneficial results, it is the most used by marketing specialists and non-professionals due to its intuitive and pleasant operation.

Facilitates the measurement of results

It is useless to create advertising campaigns on Facebook, incorporate them into the network, and not monitor their behaviour. For this reason, Facebook Ads shows the performance that each ad has obtained, with reports, statistics, and data, which help to understand the behaviour of those potential customers before advertising. Through its tools, it is possible to know the impact of your ads, understand what works and allow you to improve your strategy in case the results are not favourable.

It is possible to see how many clicks the ads have received, the number of times it has been shared, the number of likes, and the number of users who have seen them. It is an excellent tool to measure the feedback and the result of your strategy in real-time.

How campaigns are structured in Facebook Ads

To obtain positive results through Facebook Ads, it is important to structure the campaigns based on three fundamental elements:


The first step is to design the advertising campaign, which must be defined with a name, the objective to be achieved, and the proposed marketing goals specified. During this level, it is necessary to be clear about what you want to achieve, whether it is just promotion, generating traffic, obtaining interactions, or, for example, getting downloads of an application. A different campaign must be created for each objective.

Ad Sets

This is the level of campaigns in Facebook Ads in which specific factors are specified, such as the budget applied to the ads. The tool allows you to make total, daily, or publication payments. The programming or calendar of the ads is also taken into account, in which the days and times in which the ads will be shown are defined. It is possible to configure the publication schedule for specific days and times.

During this phase, the segmentation process is also established, where the target to which each ad has directed the type of public or audience is specified. With Facebook Ads, you can define the location of the ads or where to show them, whether it is on the wall, on Facebook Messenger, on Instagram, Audience Network, or according to devices, such as computers, mobile phones, etc.


This level deals with the advertising message itself, which can be designed in different formats; It can be a photo, text, a video, a link, and even calls to action such as banners, buttons, or phrases that imply a specific action, such as “buy,” “register here” or “download.”

It is always advisable to use several advertisements, constantly combine them and frequently monitor the behaviour of each one. In this way, for example, it is easier to know if a video, text, or photo works better with the audience; it is an excellent strategy to eliminate and reschedule the ads based on those results.

How much do Facebook Ads cost?

When designing a campaign, it is necessary to specify the budget, as explained above. This budget may vary depending on the programming of your ads, in terms of days, periods, or frequency that has been determined, and after that, the system will calculate the expense or investment.

However, it is also possible to use the Facebook auction to advertise on Instagram and the Audience Network. As its name suggests, this tool operates in auction mode, in which advertising space is not obtained by those with the largest budget or investment capacity but rather by those with higher value ads.

It is used to indicate which of the ads is the ideal one to show at a specific time and for a particular audience. The ad with the highest value in terms of audience perception is the one that wins the auction. The configuration of the ads under this system can be automated, relying on the platform’s criteria after configuring the patterns or manually by the advertiser.

To “compete” in this auction, it is important to take into account important factors that we will explain below:


To define the ad’s budget, it is very important to determine if the predisposed payment will be daily or will be made in a single amount for the entire campaign. In the auction process, a determining factor affects the budget. It is known as the bidding strategy, which refers to the amount that the advertiser is willing to pay (money) in exchange for a product or objective to be achieved (auction).

Facebook allows you to configure your bidding strategy based on expenses or objectives; the first allows the user to focus on betting the entire budget in exchange for the most significant volume of results or value, and the second allows the advertiser to tell Facebook to maintain a stable average cost as their budget increases.

Public or audience

In this part, the user must choose who will see the ad and interact with it, taking into account data such as age, location, gender, interests, and more. It’s also important to look at the odds that the advertiser will get the expected results from getting their ad to that person or audience.


The way your ad will look, the format you are going to use, and the quality that you impregnate it to define its content. Once designed, this ad begins its participation in the auction by being shown to the audience. The auction system will take care of measuring the quality of your ad based on public comments, views, and even the times they ignore it, letting you know about its performance.

Ad profitability

The profitability or success of advertising ads on Facebook and Instagram will depend on having an obvious strategy and the practical application of all the processes that have been described above, which involve audience segmentation, content quality, and monitoring. Of the behaviour of the audience regarding your campaign.

Although the goal of the ad is to get positive results, it is necessary to give importance to the content before concentrating on the final result. Details such as making quality content, showing great interest in the message, focusing on the ad’s format, and knowing the target very well are vital for the campaign to generate satisfactory results. The purpose is to create the attraction of potential customers and the interest and subsequent loyalty to the product or brand.

The panorama observed in digital marketing, and e-commerce invites experienced business people and entrepreneurs to use tools such as digital advertising, understanding that without a presence on the networks and an effective marketing strategy, it means being left behind. As far as promotion is concerned.

Although digital advertising has been a strategy for years, current factors, including the pandemic, have forced everyone to look at this tool and understand its many advantages to attract customers and promote services, brands, and content.


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