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Instagram Advertising Prices In 2022

Advertising on Instagram has become one of the key points of the digital strategy of many of today’s businesses, which want to reach their target audience through a differentiating message that highlights their product and service above the rest of the market. Advertisers.

This social network has more than 1,000 million registered users worldwide, so it is almost impossible that your target audience is not browsing it right now.

Through Instagram, we can work on each of the phases of the conversion funnel with different campaign objectives that will allow us to reach our target at the key moment.

What determines the price of an Instagram ad?

Ads on Instagram are promoted content that appears among the rest of the organic publications of the Feed and Stories to those users that belong to the segmentation of your campaign, which must be the closest to the conversion.

For this reason, the segmentation you choose for your campaign will be a very relevant factor in achieving your company’s objectives.

The price of advertising on Instagram will depend on many factors, such as the audience you want to direct your ad to, the quality of the piece, and the placement in which it will appear… among others.

For this reason, it will be very important that the strategy to be followed has the objective of optimizing costs and improving the rate of interaction with the ad, which will allow us to obtain the best results from our campaigns.

How much does an ad on Instagram cost?

The price of an ad on Instagram is usually around €1 per click on the ad, although it will depend entirely on the type of campaign you are using, being able to find very variable costs per click, ranging from €0.10 to €3.

These costs will vary based on the gender, age, location, and interests you have selected in your campaign targeting.

Another of the most important data for your campaign will be knowing the CPM (Cost per Thousand Impressions) of the audience you are targeting. This price may vary based on the gender, age, location, and interests you have selected in your targeting.

The price of your ad on Instagram, based on the Cost per Thousand Impressions (CPM), can be between €3 and €10. The narrower the reach of the audience you will reach with your campaign, the more likely it is that the price per thousand impressions on Instagram will increase, affecting the rest of your costs.

Thanks to the improvement of the CTR (Click Through Rate) or percentage of interaction in your ads, you can achieve a much lower cost per conversion in your campaign even though the CPM is much higher.

Why advertise on Instagram?

One of the strongest points of Instagram is that the ads generally get a much higher CTR than on other social networks since users tend to interact with the ads while viewing the rest of the posts.

Ads on this social network are fully customizable. The tool allows you to adapt your image or video to each format offered by the channel, following a series of specifications, so it is always recommended that you carry out a test with each of the sizes to find the best version of your ad.

The success of your campaign on Instagram will depend both on the good choice you make when segmenting your audience and on the style and design that accompanies the message you want to convey to your audience. On average, we receive more than 5 thousand advertising impacts per day, so it will be essential to capture the user’s attention at the first moment.

In addition, if your company has an online store on Instagram, you can link your products through Instagram Shopping and make offers and promotions directly linked to each of the products.

In short, this social network is constantly growing. That is why advertising on Instagram is part of most multichannel strategies, allowing you to improve the visibility of your business and achieve greater notoriety for your online brand.

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