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Instagram News You’ll Want To Try


This year, Instagram has brought us several novelties that we have incorporated into our day-to-day lives in this social network. It is that novelty that this social network launches, a novelty that we all want to try.

In this post, we will highlight 4 of their latest updates, which we find quite interesting and which provide Instagram videos.

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Collabs or collaborations, as their name suggests, are publications that you can make in collaboration with another account; that is, they are published on behalf of both.

It is a way to share the authorship of content on Instagram beyond tagging someone who appears in your photo.

The shared publication will be published in the profile of the person who creates it and, optionally, in the collaborating person or company, who will have to accept the collaboration. Although, of course, the idea is to be published in both profiles simultaneously.

What happens to the likes and comments on these posts? In this case, they are also shared and can be seen in both accounts.

Remember that this is not a functionality intended for paid collaborations, which already have their way of being labelled, but rather for collaborations of the type of shared creation. Eye! That it is not designed for this does not mean that it cannot be used in this way, but it goes further.

It occurs to me that it could be used to disseminate work done between two people or companies, as in this case:

This feature is available for both feed and reels.

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Link in stories

We had been waiting for a long time, and until now, only accounts with more than 10,000 followers could add a link in the stories that allow the user to go somewhere outside of Instagram.

It is already possible to have the followers you have. Hallelujah! Because of how difficult it is to grow today in this social network, it seemed impossible for many of us to reach 10k for the little link prize.

The fact is that now among the stickers that you can add to your stories, you will see one called “Link,” with which you can, for example, link to a product in question in your store, to the last post of your blog, to a list of Spotify or wherever you please. Seize it!

Now you

“Now you” is another new sticker that you can find when creating your stories for Instagram.

In this case, the game consists of asking your followers to show something in their own stories: the last photo on your reel, what you are eating, your best moment of the year, an overview of your feed, etc.

Whoever sees your story can share what you ask by touching the sticker and thus continue the game. In addition, the globes of the people who have used that specific sticker will be added, and you, as the original creator, will be able to see who has shared it.

It seems like a fun new function that encourages users to interact with the content they see. So if you have a company or creator account, think about how to take advantage of it; remember that Instagram loves that you use all its new functions.

Publish from your computer

Finally, content creators have been asking for a long time, and that was only possible to do with the odd hacker trick, as we told you in this post about how to upload photos to Instagram from your computer.

We can now upload photos to Instagram directly from your website. And although, as I say, it is something that has been claimed for a long time, I think it arrives late and in a limited way.

Late because Creator Studio has existed for a long time, from Facebook or Meta itself, which allows us to publish or program from the computer on Instagram without the need for tricks or resorting to third-party tools.

Scarce because, at the moment, it only allows you to upload publications to the feed (neither stories nor Reels), and it is not possible to program them, although it does allow some editing. So I think it contributes little. Time will tell if Instagram plans to spice up this.

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