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Jeep Wrangler Electric Vehicles Are Getting A High-Tech Upgrade

Just like the rough trails and forest roads it’s used to conquering, Jeep is going deeper into uncharted territory – the electric vehicle (EV) business, marking a new era for the off-road automobile marque. In 2022, sales for Jeep’s hybrid vehicle, the 4xe (pronounced “four by E”), comprised 25% of all Wrangler sales, a percentage that increased by 46% since it was first introduced in 2021. And with the 2024 Wrangler 4xe model, they’re souping up the popular original version with enhanced off-road capabilities, better towing, and more advanced in-car technology.

The automaker, whose brand image has always been that of a rugged, gas-powered SUV – is giving its loyal users more reasons to jump on the hybrid train, with the Wrangler Sport S 4xe set at a lower price point, and a longer-capacity 17.3 kWh lithium-ion battery (compared to 2021’s 14 kWh). Their broader strategy of introducing an all-electrified lineup by 2025 is all part of a plan for EVs to comprise half of US sales by 2030.

Travel better with a Jeep

Some places are better experienced with a Jeep, from Arizona’s canyons and desert land to Colorado’s clay and rock formations. Another state where Jeeps are incredibly popular is Hawaii. This is because Hawaii has a unique and diverse topography, from mountain ranges to tropical coastal areas to fragrant, leafy forests. Renting a Jeep Wrangler in Hawaii is a popular choice for tourists due to its all-terrain nature and the automatic transmission that makes navigating bumpy roads easy, safe, and fun. With Jeep stepping into the electric future, it is undoubtedly a welcome development after years of purring in the background as other brands led the EV charge. Now, tourists who want to ride a Jeep 4×4 in Hawaii can enjoy the thrilling hobby without worrying about rough terrain – or gassing up.

Another reason Jeeps are so popular with travelers is the wide variety of models. The sporty two-door class fits four, and the family-friendly four-door type seats five, so it’s more a question of whether you’d prefer a soft-top convertible, a hard-top non-convertible, or a hard-top convertible. Still, if we’re talking pure ease of use, the soft top lets you quickly switch between covered and uncovered, and just one person can set it up. But the great thing about having a Jeep on your vacation is the maximum ground clearance and rugged tires, which can quickly clear any potholes and trenches you might come across when going offroad. And with an electric Jeep, you can adventure endlessly without worrying about your carbon footprint.

Hopping on the eco-conscious tourism trend

Jeep’s transition to EV comes at the right time, with 76% of travelers surveyed by the World Economic Forum looking to make their vacations sustainable. Today, tourists have become more mindful of the impact of visiting islands like Hawaii for leisure, particularly regarding environmental degradation. Making a change starts with the little things, from reusing linens to minimizing air conditioner use to choosing the most efficient charger for your hybrid Jeep, which may differ depending on how quickly you want it to charge.

With tourism making up about a fifth of Hawaii’s economy, it’s clear that the vacation-worthy destination won’t see any decline in visitors soon. As the mid-decade rolls around, seeing how Jeep amps up its offerings in time for an all-electric future will be exciting, and how the availability of these innovations in major tourist areas translates to a real-world impact on the environment.

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