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Teachers can create the interactive presentation, and students join this presentation by entering a Joinpd code given by their teacher Through Pear Deck. If you are wondering how to join the PearDeck (JoinPD) and how to log in to, this blog post is for you.

What is a Pear Deck? |

PearDeck is a web-based interactive presentation tool that allows teachers and students to interact with each other in real-time. Students can join online classes and show their presentations to teachers through JoinPD portal comes up with a free and paid version. Although most of the tasks that students and teachers are required to do are freely available, few tools are accessible to those who purchase the subscription.

Peardeck is a very user-friendly tool and easy to use. It can be accessed through any device, like a computer, laptop, smartphone, or tablet. The only necessity is the device must be connected to an internet connection.

To access the Pear Deck tool, you would need a PearDeck Join Code; we have explained below what the Peardeck Join Code is.

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How do you sign up for a Pear Deck account?

With Pear Deck, most teachers face a common problem in that they don’t know how to sign up for a Pear Deck Teachers account, and I think you are also a little bit confused with it. But now you can relive it as we have discussed everything here.

How to Sign up for a Pear Deck account.

  • Step 1. Firstly, You need to Open a browser on your Smartphone, PC, or laptop
  • Step 2. Visit the JoinPD Website, i.e.,
  • Step 3. In the third Step, you need to tap on Sign up
  • Step 4. It will ask you to continue to use your Google or Microsoft account
  • Step 5. Choose your Preference and Continue
  • Step 6. Next, Select the Teacher or Student (Whom you are trying to register)
  • Step 7. Now, Select the School, and that’s all.

Now, you are registered successfully on Pear Deck.

Here’s a simplified breakdown of how teachers can use Pear Deck:

  • Teachers create lessons in Google Slides or PowerPoint Online. They can access their Pear Deck account via their Home screen and click “Create a Lesson.”
  • Teachers need a Google or Microsoft account to log in or sign up for Pear Deck. Links for login and free sign-up are provided.
  • Teachers receive short codes to share with students, typically via Google Classroom. Students use these codes to access presentations on the Pear Deck website.
  • The dashboard allows teachers to monitor student progress and control the pace of the presentation, including pausing, reversing, or slowing down slides.
  • Student responses appear on the teacher’s screen instantly. Teachers can lock screens to prevent changes and revisit previous slides to add more questions.
  • Pear Deck ensures student anonymity, fostering participation without self-consciousness, whether in physical or remote classrooms.
  • Teachers can enhance presentations with audio, adding a personal touch for students.
  • Pear Deck seamlessly integrates with Google Suite, allowing teachers to create or edit presentations directly from their Google accounts.
  • Pear Deck offers different interactive activities like text, number response, multiple-choice, and web slide questions to engage students.
  • Users can create new lessons or open existing ones from OneDrive without worrying about upload times or file sizes.
  • Overall, Pear Deck provides an intuitive platform for teachers to create engaging presentations, monitor student participation, and foster interactive learning experiences.

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Features of pear deck,

Pear Deck, as an educational platform, offers a range of distinctive features and benefits tailored for both teachers and students. One outstanding aspect is its accessibility, with several features available free of charge, while premium subscription options exist for those seeking additional benefits. Whether free or paid, joining live presentations is seamless for both students and educators.

Students who engage with Pear Deck often find it particularly conducive to their learning journey, fostering inspiration and goal achievement. This is facilitated by teachers who can effortlessly create presentations and share them with students via various channels, such as text or email.

A key feature of Pear Deck is its interactive nature, allowing students to post questions about the presentation in real-time and submit their responses. Teachers have the option to control answer modification, enabling them to estimate student comprehension levels accurately. This dynamic interaction not only promotes a positive attitude toward learning but also improves overall engagement and understanding within the classroom environment.

Pear Deck, or JoinPD, is available to a wide range of individuals involved in the education sector. This includes:

  • Teachers
  • Students
  • Librarians
  • Technology Integration Specialists
  • Technology Administrators
  • Consultants and other educational professionals
  • Instructional Coaches
  • Media Specialists
  • District Administrators
  • Building Administrators

In terms of characteristics, Pear Deck caters to anyone within the educational ecosystem who seeks to enhance teaching and learning experiences through interactive presentations and engagement tools.

To obtain a PearDeck JoinPD join code, follow these straightforward steps:

  • Step 1: Visit the official Pear Deck website at
  • Step 2: Enter the join presentation number along with a 5-digit code. Note that the join PD code expires after four days.
  • Step 3: Optionally, sign up using your email ID for added features and benefits.

To join a PearDeck JoinPD session using a join link, follow these steps:

  • Check if your teacher has shared an email or message containing the Pear Deck session link.
  • Click on the provided link to join the session or presentation.
  • The Pear Deck session will open in your web browser. It is recommended to use Google Chrome for optimal viewing, although other browsers are also supported.

Advantages of pear deck:

  • You need to sign in just with your Gmail ID.
  • You can share a lot of files with your Google Drive.
  • available free of charge
  • The teachers can easily extend the lesson or class through online mode.
  • Use of Google Sheet
  • Real-time Feedback
  • Accessibility

To join a Pear Deck lesson as a student, follow these steps:

Whether you’re using a mobile phone, laptop computer, or iPad,

  • Get the Code: Your teacher will provide you with a unique code for the Pear Deck lesson.
  • Sign in to Your Email Account: If you don’t already have a Gmail or Microsoft email account, you’ll need to sign up for one. You can sign up for a Gmail account at or a Microsoft Live account at
  • Visit the Join Page: Open your web browser and go to
  • Enter the Code: In the white box on the page, enter the code provided by your teacher. The code will typically consist of six letters in lowercase. There’s no need to worry about uppercase letters.
  • Sign In (if prompted): If you still need to sign in to your Gmail or Microsoft account, you may be asked to do so at this point.
  • Join the Lesson: Once you’ve entered the code and signed in, you’ll be automatically logged into the lesson. If this doesn’t happen, check if your teacher has provided a unique web address instead. You can join the lesson by visiting the provided URL in your browser. The URL will look something like this: (this is just an example). Visiting this URL will immediately start the lesson.


Pear Deck has arisen as a leading online education platform in the United States, offering seamless access to audio, lectures, online classes, and video presentations. Especially during the Covid pandemic, it proved invaluable, enabling teachers and students to continue education remotely when physical attendance was impossible. This technological benefit has revolutionized various aspects of life, making it more convenient and comfortable. Education, in particular, has significantly benefited from modern technology, with Pear Deck facilitating uninterrupted learning during challenging times. Students could quickly join online classes, thereby saving time and ensuring continuity in their studies amidst closures caused by COVID-19.

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