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Task Organization And Productivity Apps


Concentrating on work or studies during the Christmas holidays is more complicated since there are many events to attend, tasks to perform, and, above all, the desire to celebrate Christmas. Technology can always help you put your tasks in order; an example is organization and productivity apps.

Today’s article presents you with a selection of organization apps that will help you at this time, even to organize your social events. Take it!

Organization and productivity apps

When discussing tools to help concentration, it can be contradictory to recommend smartphone apps. Still, the functionalities of these apps affect your device in such a way that it will be possible for you to get distracted while using them.

We recommend some applications to help you organize your daily tasks, study, or work.

1. Focus To-Do

It is one of the most used applications for organizing tasks based on the “Pomodoro technique. ” It is a time management method that uses a timer to divide work into intervals, generally 25 minutes long.

With this app for organizing tasks, you can schedule and configure them so that they are repeated periodically, limit the time to complete them, set a timer to control time and rest, and activate notifications, so you don’t miss out on notifications.

With this application, you can activate the “Strict mode,” which will lock your phone for the time you set or interrupt the applications you choose, among other functions.

You can find it on Google Play and the App Store, with a 4.6 and 4.8, respectively. In addition, it can also be downloaded in a desktop version.

2. Microsoft To Do

Microsoft To-Do is an application developed by the technology manufacturer Microsoft, focused on increasing productivity, reducing stress, or even freeing up mental space, helping you plan your day-to-day and better manage your time.

Its mode of operation is through task lists with a very simple interface. You can invite other users and assign them tasks, add due date reminders, add files, or even subtasks.

You can download it for Android, rated 4.6, and iOS with the same score.

3. WorkFlowy

Workflowy is an application for those who prefer to organize themselves quickly and easily since it is a blank page where you can create a list of tasks, subtasks, add files, etc. You have to slide your finger to the right to complete them.

This application is the closest thing to a notepad; the style devices already have, but with more features.

It has a 4.9 on the App Store and 4.7 on Google Play.

Apps to concentrate

When organizing yourself correctly, it is important to know how to optimize time with techniques such as those offered by the above mentioned applications. However, it is still possible that it is difficult to concentrate.

Other applications are more focused on training the mind to avoid distractions. We detail them below.

1. Forest

It is an application whose dynamics consist of rewarding you for not using your mobile. You indicate the time you want to dedicate to a task, and from there, Forest plants a seed that grows into a tree. The longer you spend without picking up your phone, the more the seed grows.

Suppose the mobile is used, interrupting this process; the plant withers and does not grow this way, and the concentration increases through this game. As trees grow, you can unlock more rewards, like other tree species, and share “your forest” with your friends.

The app has a 4.9 on Apple and is currently number 1 in the productivity category. In Google Play, it has a 4.7.

2. Calm

In our article on tricks to sleep better, we already mentioned the Calm app, and it is one of the most popular for meditation since it helps you relax and concentrate.

This application offers guided meditations that help reduce stress and anxiety, breathing exercises, music to focus, and more. It has breathing programs, master classes, and guided meditations, depending on what you want to work on or enhance and your time.

Calm is recommended by psychologists and ranked number 11 in health and fitness in the App Store ranking, with a 4.7 score. As for Android, its score is 4.4.

3. Freedom – Block Distractions

Freedom is an app that helps you block out distractions through pause functionality and notifications in the apps of your choice on your smartphone.

You can program the app’s blocking for a certain time and the duration of this time. In addition, you can synchronize several devices so that the indicated app cannot be accessed from a mobile, tablet, or computer.

We hope this article helps you stay focused and organize your Christmas tasks with these organization and productivity apps. Feel free to follow us on social media for more tech tips and tricks: Facebook and Instagram.

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