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The Trend For 2023: The Scaling Of The Cloud


What is cloud scaling?

Throughout the first months of 2023, a growing number of organizations are expected to migrate their processes to the cloud to increase their profitability, minimize their impact and be able to scale their business, producing a new market that will reach 684,000 million dollars.

Cloud services favour technological transformation by providing flexibility, agility, and scalability to grow according to the company’s needs.

Using the vertical cloud, computing solutions are specifically designed for specific industries or business models. Providers then tailor their offerings to the vertical cloud without having to opt for a blanket offering that doesn’t have to fit their business processes.

Through the “vertical cloud” concept, companies and organizations can create concrete applications designed for specific functionalities that meet the company’s needs. These solutions have the advantage of offering value both in the commercial processes and in the procedures of these sectors in particular, so that not only are costs reduced, but also benefits and profitability are increased thanks to the incorporation of processes.

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A great engineering process

Engineering these platforms, which combine hybrid systems with more complex architectures, requires robust engineering processes, skills, and developers who know how to build scalable networks without creating friction between different teams.

This will be done by creating platforms with reusable components and integrated development and monitoring tools in the same development portal.

How to incorporate it into our company?

Regardless of the technological processes necessary to incorporate the scalable cloud, we will have to worry about finding solutions adapted to our specific sector that add value to our company.

Solutions such as the cloud contact centre may be some of them; the idea is to take advantage of the technological advantages offered by the cloud to improve business processes such as customer service, patient care, business processes, or order management, depending on our sector of activity.

Private clouds are the solution for privacy and data protection

Companies looking for extra privacy or data protection will have to use developers to create their private clouds. By 2025, 55% of companies will likely migrate their data to a cloud-centric model to improve its protection and have it centralized.

To do this, CTOs must ensure that their cloud providers offer secure cloud connectivity solutions, not just the product or software.

Cost control and flexibility

Scalability in the cloud allows us to grow only when our company needs it, without making big bets. If the software helps us grow, we will be welcome to grow easily and quickly; if the opposite happens, we can do the same.

Having a platform that we will not have to change over time and that optimizes our processes from day one is a great advantage, and that is why it will be one of the significant technological trends in 2023.

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