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Virtual Reality Devices In 2023


The recent launch of PlayStation VR2 has brought Virtual Reality devices (VR from now on) back into the news.

These devices allow us to live all kinds of adventures with a level of immersion only possible thanks to this technology.

We will feel inside virtual worlds of all kinds in video games of action, adventure, platforms, or horror.

Thanks to technological advances, the recreated worlds are becoming more realistic, and the experience is much more compelling.

The graphics and the sound effects now allow almost total immersion in the virtual universe recreated in the game.

Look at some of the top VR headsets you can find today.

1. PlayStation VR2

Sony’s new VR headset has just been released, and the reviews published on the device are quite positive.

Unlike its first generation, now you only need to connect a cable from the glasses to the console, making it much easier and faster to start enjoying them.

They are also lighter and more comfortable, allowing for longer gaming sessions.

The power and resolution are much higher than the first model, and it will show sharper and more realistic graphics.

Another technology they include is eye tracking, which allows you to control the menus, aim, and other actions by directing your gaze where you want.

The PS VR2 Sense controllers represent a huge step from Sony’s first headsets, including haptic feedback and adaptive triggers.

For now, there are over 30 launch games, among which the Sony-exclusive Horizon Call Of The Mountain stands out.

Its biggest problem is its high launch price (€600), to which must be added the price of a PlayStation 5 if you still don’t have it.

But considering the technology they include, it is a reasonable price.

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2. Meta Quest 2

It is an autonomous VR glasses, so connecting it to the computer is unnecessary.

However, it is possible to connect them to a PC, and the graphics and performance will be better depending on the power of our computer.

They do not stand out for having premium construction or materials. They are made of plastic, but they are comfortable and robust.

The controls are very light, and the location of the triggers is very good. This helps us to enjoy long gaming sessions comfortably.

It has a wide catalogue of games available, where you can find representatives of all genres, such as SuperHot VR or The Walking Dead: Saints And Sinners.

They are currently priced at around €450, depending on the amount of storage we choose.

They may not be as technologically advanced as other VR devices, but they make up for it with a lower price and being self-contained, you don’t have to shell out extra if you don’t want to.

3. HTC

The Taiwanese company has several VR devices on the market. We will highlight two of them.

For one, if you want a high-end VR experience, you have the HTC Vive Pro 2. They are characterized by having a 5K resolution and an image refresh rate of 120 Hz.

They have a high-quality finish and integrated headphones with spatial 3D sound.

A wide range of games is available for HTC glasses since we can enjoy Valve’s SteamVR catalogue and play Meta Quest titles.

Its high price of €800 is the main drawback of this product. In addition, we will need a powerful PC to run it with the maximum specifications.

Another model, this time focused on the professional sector, is the HTC Vive Focus 3.

It has the same screens and lenses as the HTC Vive Pro 2, but they differ from these in that they have a processor, which allows them to be used independently. It is not necessary to connect them to a PC.

To get the most out of this device, a suite of business tools called Vive Business is available.

4. Valve Index

The American company Valve is known for developing video games such as Half-Life and Counter-Strike and for creating the digital video game platform Steam.

The Valve Index has LCD screens, a 120 Hz refresh rate, and a wide field of view of 130 degrees.

Half-Life: Alyx is considered the best video game for any VR device.

The degree of immersion it achieves, the interactivity of its setting, and the physics applied to its world make it an incomparable experience.

You will get the game for free if you purchase a Valve Index VR kit. You will not find a better way to release the device.

This article focuses on using these VR devices for gaming, which can also have exciting uses in education or medicine.

Likewise, we can use them to watch movies or series as if we had a giant screen.

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