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Instagram Templates: What They Are And How They Improve Your Reels


Currently, Instagram Reels is a social application tool that has grown exponentially. So much so that today it is used by almost a billion users worldwide. If you also want to get the most out of it, try using the best templates that improve your feed.

Instagram Reels

Just as the stories imitated what we already knew on Snapchat, now the platform’s Reels copy what we can find in another highly successful application such as TikTok.

Instagram Reels allows us to create video clips of a few seconds set to music and ready to share not only in Stories but also in our feed or the Reels tab.

Use Instagram templates

With a community as huge as the one that uses this social network, it is normal to want to stand out among the many users and brands that use the application to sell their products or gain followers.

It is true that the options are very numerous and that trends grow unstoppably as time goes by. So, what can be done to stand out and simultaneously not miss the rhythm of publications?

First, create an identity that matches your style or brand idea. This is what many influencers already do who, as you can see, maintain the same tones, colours, styles, etc… in their different publications.

For this, Instagram Stories templates are used, a growing trend in the social network that can be used for our Reels and the publications of our feed.

Save time generating content

Experts in digital communication know that creating content can be very simple. Of course, you must have enough time and means at your fingertips so that your publications have a good impact.

You can engage your audience in just a few seconds using features like the “Now you” sticker, polls, and Stories … Or you can build Reels, which require more time to create.

Although there are numerous applications with templates for Instagram, we will use the ones the application makes available to us to create all kinds of content.

Templates in Stories

If you want to publish stories with a specific visual identity, you can go to the many web pages that offer templates ready to download and edit or use the options that the app gives you.

If you choose to use what Instagram puts at your fingertips, the steps to follow are very simple:

  • Open the Instagram app.
  • Click on the add content icon identified with a “+” in the upper right corner.
  • Enter the Instagram Stories
  • On the left, click on the “Aa” button called Create
  • Now scroll over the bottom carousel until you find the templates button
  • Press on the screen so that these templates change
  • Choose the one that best suits your content
  • Add text, stickers, or GIFs to your creation
  • Share the story with your followers

Templates on Reels

The second option is to use these templates to create the Reels of the app. These contents require more work, and having a guide, as this function proposes, is quite useful.

Before we were given this option, we had to guess the lengths of the clips needed to sync to a specific audio track and manually adjust the clips.

  • Open the Instagram app.
  • Go to the Reels tab, the central icon at the bottom of the app
  • Now tap on the camera icon that appears in the top right corner
  • Swipe to the “Templates” tab that appears in the video editor
  • Here you will see several ideas that you can use to create your own

Also, when you are viewing Reels from the app itself, you will be able to use the same template used in that video. To do this, add the photos or videos you have stored in your gallery.

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