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What Is Influencer Marketing?


Influencer marketing or influencer marketing is a branch of marketing that has been booming in recent years. Brands and influencers are increasingly consolidating strategies to promote the launch of a new product or collection, to publicize the brand, or even to collaborate on their collections with renowned influencers.

Influencers are nothing more and nothing less than a powerful advertising tool that allows brands to connect with their target audience directly and effectively. Through videos and images, influencers make brands known, talk about the benefits or characteristics of the products, and even provide their audience with discount codes encouraging them to complete the purchase.

1. How Influencer Marketing arises

As we know it now, the beginnings of influencer marketing go back to 2006 – beginning with the blogging phenomenon in 2004 – and have been linked to the evolution of the social media platforms themselves. This is how influencers now exist for all social networks, one or the other being better known depending on the social network we are talking about.

However, its origins date back to 1900, when personalities and celebrities began to be used to promote products by turning them into their brand ambassadors. This is how we identify Santa Claus with Coca-Cola or how, for example, Robert Norris was identified for so long as “the Marlboro man.”

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The power of the pandemic in its growth

In this case, and for this branch, influencer marketing has been consolidated in recent years thanks to the pandemic. Brands and influencers put their ingenuity and creativity to the test to conduct campaigns that connect with a much more expert user looking for entertainment, dynamism, closeness, and personalized content.

Since it was impossible to go to face-to-face events and physical stores, everything had to go through the online plan, and this is how brands began to bet even more on social networks such as Tik Tok.

2. What are Influencers for?

Influencers serve as a speaker, provide a greater reach to brands, promote branding, and, in addition, increase their conversion rate.

According to the State of Influencer Marketing report, this industry has gone from billing 9.7 billion dollars in 2020 to 13.8 billion in 2021, estimating that 2022 closes at 15 billion dollars.

In addition to increasing the conversion rate of brands, influencers also give them an image, so they should never be chosen at random. You have to choose a profile that fits your values ​​as a brand, know what audience your content is targeting, and take other factors into account before choosing an influencer because it is always advisable to do it in the hands of professionals.

3. The future of Influencer Marketing

Since it is a discipline that is in a moment of great growth, influencer marketing will be a great bet for 2023. The trend is expected to continue its growth in the coming years.

Social networks as the main support

Social networks have evolved in response to this new profession and branch of marketing: the inclusion of the famous blue “tik”; required paid content extensions, the hashtag #ad that must be used when it comes to advertising, etc.

Micro-influencers will be the best allies

The market is no longer just for big influencers with 2 million followers but is making its way to micro-influencers with 10,15, or 20 thousand followers.

These “small” influencers have a much higher engagement than macro influencers since they socialize and connect with their audience much better. In 2023, without a doubt, they will be one of the great supports for small and medium-sized brands.

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