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Keys To Mastering Marketing Automation In 2022


Marketing automation has continued to take hold over the years. Technology has significantly advanced, transforming everything known as advertising and marketing. Many companies dominate this sector, but others dominate marketing automation, so it is expected that by 2025 this market will reach 7 billion dollars.

According to marketers and agency owners who want to be the first before the competition, marketing automation will provide many opportunities in the coming years.

However, you cannot apply this if you do not have intelligent strategies since it will cause you more headaches than the success you want to achieve. Simple, you must start with a strategy. That is why you will learn some keys to help you dominate this market in 2022.

What is marketing automation?

It is about the use of technology to be able to automate the efforts made in advertising and marketing. It is the ability to use software and other types of technology to increase your company’s results.

Through this tool, you will be able to act in a personalized way with your users, accompany them and identify them while you improve your relationship with them to increase sales later.

Over the last two years, the pandemic has caused the use of technology to increase in many spaces. That is why automation also had a place in this, being part of the commercial processes that were carried out, and not only in marketing. This may not seem easy, but marketing automation is straightforward.

Examples are scheduled social media posts; sales funnel emails, order updates via email, and more.

Why is automation so effective?

Marketing automation will allow brands to increase their traffic. Many business owners say that this is one of the most significant benefits of saving a lot of time.

On the other hand, omnichannel marketing can also be optimized, so you no longer have to constantly upload content and interact with your users on each platform. This will increase your productivity, leading to a better conversion rate and higher ROI.

In addition, it also allows companies to collect a series of customer data and analyze it much faster. Thanks to this, brands will have a view of the customer journey and their sales cycle, thus knowing your weak points in said process.

How you can implement marketing automation in your company

To get the most out of automation, looking at your customer journey and the sales cycle is only suitable. This will help you identify those steps that you can automate.

Once you have identified the steps to follow, your brand will have to establish its Smart objectives to determine how successful the automation will be. Then you will have to use different automation platforms to help you in this process.

Advantages of automated marketing

There are many benefits to be gained from automated marketing. One of the most important is that it represents the most profitable and effective way to reach your customers, offering them a good message at the best time without having to make a significant investment.

Thanks to this, you can optimize marketing strategies and processes and increase your productivity.

Other benefits that it has are the following:

  • Greater optimization in sales cycle
  • Multi-channel management will be easier to perform
  • Repetitive tasks will be automated, as well as their analysis
  • Better optimization in terms of resources
  • ROI can improve significantly, generating more income on each operation.
  • The conversion can be automated or done in real time You will be able to create analyzes and reports on the behaviour of your customers in one click.

Keys for you to master marketing automation in 2022

As technology advances, more marketing automation tools are becoming more effective and popular. This strategy allows you to automate tasks in real-time, which are repetitive while making use of different marketing channels.

However, by 2022, automation will be much more critical for most companies since it will allow specialists in the area to dedicate as much time as possible to strategic tasks that need a higher level.

Although, unlike what automation was in 2021, compared to what it will be in 2022, it is not much, it is still essential to work on the strategies you must employ to achieve success. Here are some keys that will help you.

Good use of social media

Usually, this is the nightmare of most business owners and those who work independently. Social networks have great potential, but much time is wasted managing them.

But this will not be a headache since these applications will help you perform various tasks, making it easier for you to manage your community. You can centralize everything on one platform as long as you carry out the following actions:

  • Schedule your messages on social networks: You can do this on the main networks you use, such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, etc.
  • Track interactions: comment, like, share…Manage different profiles: You can manage other pages and accounts.
  • Analyze performance: You will have a report of your analysis, commitment, and interpretation.

Email Marketing Automation

Another ideal channel for you to share content is email. That is why this channel will also be essential for the automation tools that you will use. By configuring them correctly, you can send emails in bulk, something beneficial for you.

For the year 2022, newsletters and promotions should not be missing since it is something that draws a lot of attention to users. This way, the tool you use to automate will help you in this task.

For better results, you can also customize the messages. Most customers feel more empathy and trust with companies when they refer to them personally, so this is a great opportunity.

We previously wrote an article about the newsletter as a customer retention tool; check it out!

The relationship you have with the client

Thanks to this key, customers will be closer to you. To maintain digitization in your relationship with your client, the most potent medium you will have to use is the Internet. That is why prospects always look to see your social networks, website, etc.

On the other hand, many use email to get in touch with a brand or company. In this way, you should seek to have a presence in all possible channels to increase your relationship with your client. This will be very beneficial in 2022 because the more communication there is, the better.

There are also direct messages from social networks and the website since they are perfect platforms to start a conversation. Also, for users to act when using chatbots. The good idea is to use Chatbot for your website with WhatsApp or other tools like Crisp Chat or Telecom.

Even though chatbots are intelligent programs that communicate with people to resolve their doubts, you should not neglect what has the most value: your relationship with customers. The idea is that you initiate this relationship and strengthen it throughout the purchase process.

Your business flow must be automated

The safest thing is that you realize that your users arrive from different sources, be it social networks, email, or forms, among others. You must use tools that help you optimize your business, such as Google Drive, Gmail, Docs, SalesForces, Zoho, and Crisp Chat, among others. Or you can also use Slack or Trello for collaborative administration.


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