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What Is The Difference Between Hosting And Domain?


In this article we have prepared, we will show you a guide to easily understand the differences between these two concepts, which are essential to creating a web page, and we will learn how they work together.

Hosting, also known as web hosting, is a service that provides space on a server to store and publish the content of a website. That is, it is where files, images, videos, databases, and everything necessary for a web page to be visible are stored.

On the other hand, the domain is the address visitors put in the browser to access our website. This address comprises a domain name and an extension, such as mywebpage.com.

Next, we will see how they differ and what functions each one has.

1. What functions does a hosting have?

The main functions of hosting are the following:


Hosting storage refers to the disk space the web hosting provider allocates to our website on their servers. This space stores all the files and data necessary for our website to be visible and work properly.

Files and data that may be stored on the web hosting service may include:

  • Websites: HTML, CSS, JavaScript files, and other files needed to create our websites
  • Images and videos – Images, videos, and other media files used on our website
  • Database: if our website uses a database, this is also stored there
  • Email: if we have an email, the messages and attachments are stored in the hosting

The storage space allocated by the web hosting provider may vary depending on the hosting plan we have purchased.

Some plans offer unlimited storage space, while others have specific limits. Choosing a web hosting plan that offers enough storage space for our current and future needs is important.


Hosting providers often offer security measures to protect websites from attacks and malware.

Speed and performance

The loading speed of a web page is important for the user experience, so hosting providers ensure that the hosted sites perform well.


Hosting can be scalable; that is, it must adapt to the needs of the website, be it in terms of traffic, storage space, or resources.

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2. What functions does a domain have?

On the other hand, if you still need to figure out a domain, it’s simply the name given to a website, for example, www.mywebsite.com. Therefore, it is a unique address that identifies a website on the Internet and allows users to access it.

The main functions of a domain are the following:

Show web project branding

A domain is part of the visual identity of a brand or web project and allows users to remember and find it easily.

Authenticate the website with domain extensions

Domain extensions (for example, .com, .org, .es, etc.) allow you to authenticate the website and classify it in a certain category.

Locate the information in the hosting

A domain is a name used to access the information stored in the hosting.

3. How do hosting and a domain work together to create a website?

When we create a website, we host it on a server using a hosting service. The domain is linked to the hosting, so users can access it by typing the name in the browser.

The process for creating a website and linking the domain and hosting may vary depending on the service provider. Generally, a process that involves configuring the server, installing the content manager, and assigning the domain must be followed. You can be a content manager or upload the necessary files to the hosting for our site to work directly.

4. Do you need web hosting if you have a registered domain name?

If you have a registered domain name, you can redirect to an existing page, such as a social media account or Google My Business page. However, if you want to have your website with personalized content, it is necessary to hire a hosting service to host the website.

The domain name registration only serves to reserve the website’s address on the Internet rather than to store the files and data necessary for the website to be visible.

5. Do you need to buy a domain if you have web hosting?

Not necessarily, although it is more than recommended if we want to have our own identity on the Internet. If we already have a web hosting service, we could use a subdomain instead of buying a new domain name. However, we want to create a website with a personalized domain address. In that case, it is necessary to purchase a . By purchasing it; we can choose a unique web address that is easy to remember and adequately represents our site.

In addition, having your domain name can improve our business’s image and make it easier for visitors to find and remember our address.

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