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What Is The Facebook Metaverse?

For a few weeks, the word metaverse has become more heard. For many, this term is unknown, but others know this concept is not entirely new. And it is that a metaverse is neither more nor less than a virtual world to which the user can connect through a series of devices that make you feel a total immersion.

Is it more familiar to you? You don’t have to be a gamer to relate it to the video game sector, where you can live different adventures through your computer through an avatar. So what is Mark Zuckerberg up to with the Facebook metaverse? Keep reading, and we will reveal it to you.

The Metaverse: Must-Have Features

As we said, the metaverse is a digital reality where you can interact with other users. Both the one created for Facebook and the rest of these virtual spaces present a series of characteristics:

  • They are interactive spaces: whoever is inside the metaverse can interact with users and the virtual universe itself. In addition, they are participants in the changes that occur around them.
  • They are human environments: Just like the outside world, metaverses are bound by the laws of physics.
  • It is persistent and self-contained: the metaverse continues to function even if the user is not inside. Therefore, this gives it the title of a living organism that the dynamics of the world follow, whether or not the avatars are connected.

Focusing solely on Zuckerberg’s approach, his metaverse is characterized by a peculiarity, interoperability. That is, components can be introduced or removed from the outside to the virtual world. In addition, to enter, users must have a virtual reality helmet, which will serve as a means of communication between users, or augmented reality glasses to interact with holograms or 3D models.

In this way, the company’s new name, Meta, will be divided into two aspects: the first focused on social media (Facebook, Messenger, WhatsApp, and Instagram) and the second dedicated to the metaverse and Quest platforms. Therefore, as we have already mentioned, it intends to create new online spaces where people can interact in a multidimensional way.

What can be done in the metaverse?

To participate in the metaverse, it is necessary to have an avatar. This will be a three-dimensional representation of the user and will be designed to reproduce humans’ gestures and facial expressions.

The virtual world is expected to offer as many opportunities as the real world. For example, they were walking through the streets of the virtual city, chatting with other users’ avatars, and interacting with their businesses (buying virtual clothes, virtual apartments, etc.).

On the other hand, it can also have practical uses, such as virtual meetings where each worker connects from home and doesn’t even have to worry about getting ready. Since other people will only see your avatar, it doesn’t matter if you’re in a tracksuit or pyjamas; no one will ever know.

In addition, it is not ruled out that it has its economy. Virtual money is increasingly present in society, so how can it not be part of the metaverse? It is one of the keys so that life within this parallel reality resembles the real one as much as possible. And lastly, and for many, most importantly, it will open the door to much closer and more human interactions with physically far away people.

However, it must be remembered that today the metaverse is still an idea to be developed. It is conceived as a blank canvas that can encompass infinite possibilities, although it will depend on the will with which it is carried out. And it is that we are still a long way from being able to connect all of us to a metaverse.


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