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What Is The TCS NQT Mock Test?


Did you know?

TCS employees are spread in more than 55 countries with around 157 nationalities.

These numbers reflect how fast the tech giant is expanding its wings!

To expand its team of experts, TCS holds an interview assessment to select its new team members and tech enthusiasts at regular intervals. This test is called the TCS NQT test.

NQT is an exam held on a global level to become a part of this leading MNC. If you are from a tech background and wish to become a part of this giant, you must clear this test.

However, preparing for the TCS NQT exam is a tough nut to crack just like the Accenture test. The right head start that you need to crack this exam is the TCS aptitude mock tests.

Mock tests are the right way to get acquainted with the exam pattern and monitor your progress under real-time analysis.

This article uncovers various aspects of the TCQ NQT mock test that you need to know.

What is the TCS NQT Test?

TCS NQT is an abbreviation used for the TCS national qualifier test. This test is conducted by the TCS recruiters at regular intervals.

There are two job profiles for which the test is conducted. The first is for TCS Ninja and the second is TCS Digital profile. Once you clear the exam, you can further select a specific domain according to your interest. Young candidates with less than 2 years can appear for this exam and get a chance to join the TCS team of experts.

This exam will yield you a basic yet impressive salary package of about 3.6LPA to 7 LPA based on your exam performance. However, the TCS interview is further divided into a detailed process. Let’s have a glance at the stages of the TCS interview.

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TCS recruitment process

TCS recruitment is completed in about 4 rounds.

The four rounds at TCS are:

Amongst these rounds, you will find the TCS NQT tests as the trickiest round of your recruitment process. However, the technical interview might also have some brain teasers for you so, be prepared.

Learn about these tests in detail in the next segment.

What is a TCS NQT mock test?

TCS aptitude mock tests are specialized exams designed to help students to get acquainted with the NQT pattern and track their progress.

This test is all you need to boost your preparations and crack your next exam with flying colours.

From coding assessment to the technical round, the key to unlocking the doors of opportunity to the technical world of TCS is through these mock tests.

You can easily analyze the exam pattern, important concepts, and such aspects of the test to improve your overall performance with this test.

What makes the TCS NQT exam different from the other interview assessments? Find out the key features of this test in the following section.

Features of the NQT exam

TCS NQT exam is considered to be quite different from the regular interview assessments due to the detailed pattern of this exam.

The following are the key features of this exam:

  • You have to attempt a total of 92 questions within the accumulated time of 180 minutes
  • The NQT test is divided into 5 categories
  • The test is conducted for only two profiles i.e. the Ninja and the digital profile
  • Core concepts of CS are discussed in the coding assessment as well as the technical interview round
  • The test is conducted at regular intervals and is open for fresher candidates

These factors might define why the TCS NQT exam is considered different from the regular exams for the recruitment process.

Let’s understand the exam pattern for the TCS NQT mock test in detail.

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NQT exam pattern

TCS NQT mock test is strictly designed to match the exam pattern of your NQT exam. The test is further divided into five sections. The segments you will find in the NQT mock test are:

Numerical ability

A total of 26 questions based on various numerical concepts will be asked in this segment. You have to complete these questions in less than 40 minutes. Make sure you brush up your math fundamentals and basic skills to excel at this segment

Verbal ability

This section is all about your English Language knowledge. You will find 24 questions in this segment that you need to accurately attempt in less than 30 minutes. The questions in this segment are quite easy to crack if you keep the English fundamentals in mind

Reasoning Ability

You may find this segment of the test to be tricky and lengthy. This segment will contain 30 questions that need to be completed in about 50 minutes. The only way to ace this segment is through practice.


TCS NQT covers detailed coding questions. This segment will cover several topics and problem statements for which you will be asked to generate working codes. Make sure you go through sample problem statements to check the type of questions asked at TCS.

Programming logic

Sample papers, mock tests, and practice problem statements are available for the NQT syllabus and hence can boost your score for these questions. This section will contain 10 questions only

Why Attempt TCS NQT mock test?

Cracking the TCS NQT test comes with hard work and the right guidance. Mock tests provide you with accurate guidance for these tests along with insights into how to crack this test with smart preparation.

Clearing these processes will require detailed preparation in different aspects. However, the biggest challenge is to start the preparation process. If that is the case with you, save your day with TCS NQT mock tests.


TCS aptitude mock test is the right tool you need to monitor your progress in your TCS preparations. It will help you practice the problem statements and questions in detail.

You can get an idea of how to score well in the TCS NQT mock test by analyzing the difficulty level of the Accenture exam.

What are you waiting for?

Your dream job is just a few clicks away with the TCS NQT mock test!

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