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How To Create Landing Pages To Multiply Your Subscribers


Have you heard that a landing page is perfect to increase the database of your website or blog? But how do you get the most out of your landing pages to multiply your subscribers?

Landings are the ideal way to do it, it is true, although not everything is as simple as it is painted. Creating a good landing page requires planning, knowledge of your users and potential customers, and a clear and concrete objective.

Creating a landing is not too complicated (in this post, we will see some examples and simple programs to make our landing pages).

The complex part of that landing is the strategic part, thinking about the content, the titles and subtitles, images or videos that you want to appear. Everything must be studied to attract the user’s attention, but without diverting him from the objective of the landing; The conversion.

If you need to create a landing page or optimize the one you already have, here are some tips to help you do it successfully.

You must bear in mind that attracting subscribers is not something simple, and; however when it comes to losing them, it seems that everything is more fluid.

Keep in mind that a good database can be the origin of your business because, as you know, email marketing is one of the most effective sales tools that exist today.

According to this study by DMA.org, the ROI of email marketing is around $ 40 for every dollar invested in this platform and followed by investment in web positioning (SEO).

1.What is a landing page?

The concept of a landing page is relatively simple, and as the name suggests, it is a landing page. It is a web page (generally a single page) that users reach after clicking on a link.

It was evident that not all landing pages seek to generate immediate profits. Some will be for direct sale, others for downloading a free product register for a course or event, etc. The possibilities are extensive, but they all meet a series of guidelines, which I want to tell you about in this post.

When I talk about benefits, I do not want to refer only to the possible economic gains derived from the landing page – which, of course, too -, but to the very “acquisition” of subscribers regardless of whether a direct sale is made or not.

There are landing pages for online stores, blogs, platforms, or any website, but if we focus on your blog – present or future – and on everything that can contribute to increasing the database of subscribers interested in your content. Because if necessary, they may be willing to invest money in your products or services.

The thing promises, right?

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2.How to create a landing page that attracts subscribers?

Once we are clear about what a landing page is, we will talk about how to create it, and to open your mouth, I will tell you that it is not necessary to be an expert in programming to achieve the creation of a page in conditions.

WordPress dramatically facilitates the work in these cases, not only in creating the web but also when it comes to attracting and attracting subscribers that will generate the benefits. If you have your blog in WordPress, it will be easy to design and build your landing page.

These are some examples of landings in WordPress :

But we will see other programs that will allow you to create your landing even more quickly than with WordPress.

Before starting, I need you to ask yourself a question:

What is the goal of your landing page?

If it’s not converting, you don’t need to keep reading; however, if, on the contrary, you are looking for high subscription levels, we are going to get to work.

Your page title

The title of your landing page should be the first thing that attracts visitors because it is the basis of everything they will see next.

Using your keywords is essential, but above all, it should be an engaging, attractive, and very natural title.

You must be very aware of the importance of the title because if it does not attract visitors, they will leave as soon as they arrive, and you will be missing a conversion opportunity that you will most likely never get back. Each subscription you get starts to take shape from minute one of each user’s landing on your page, so don’t gamble.

Use WordPress templates

If you are not a programming expert, it is best to use specific templates for WordPress. You can find a great variety of them, and the best of all is that there are many customization possibilities to carry out different projects.

Use them to create an image of your website – attractive, of course – and make the most of all the options they offer.

There are many options to create a landing page configuration, which also offer different locations for subscription forms, something essential for your users’ registration.

Draw attention and call for action

I have already mentioned it to you in the previous two points: you must attract attention, offer an attractive page and turn your landing page into a pleasant place to visit.

Provide users with clear, direct, relevant and naturally written content. Use images or videos and all the necessary resources to capture surfers’ attention, as it is the next step for them to become your subscribers.

Once you have gotten the users’ attention, you are already halfway there. Still, it is also useless if you do not take advantage of that interest to capture their subscription immediately.

Offer clear and simple subscription forms in the upper area of ​​your landing page or on the side. In general, it is better to be visible before the visitor scrolls.

Consider the option of including a pop-up that automatically suggests the subscription when entering the page; it never hurts.

Focus on the target

If you have come this far, you are looking to create or modify a landing page to achieve a specific objective.

My advice in this regard is to focus on it and put all your efforts to achieve it on your landing page.

I want to tell you that you should not waste time or make the visitor lose it. It offers factual content and is to the point. Avoid distractions for the user because they will only divert them from your goal and the conversion.

It is difficult for a user to spend more than 30 seconds on a landing. Either you get to quickly convey what you need to know and move him into action, or he will leave and never come back. Simple as that.

Please get to the point, provide essential information and offer them clearly and without too much paraphernalia the possibility of subscribing to your page or blog. Sometimes, a video distracts; other times, it is the perfect hook. Each business and each objective are different and attract attention too.

As always, experimenting, testing and trial and error will be the keys to knowing what works best in your market and what doesn’t.

Stand out from the rest

Offer your visitors something that sets you apart from other types of pages on the web. It is not easy, but it can be done.

You will have to offer something of value in exchange for the subscription, because as you already know, in this world, very few things are free, and this is not one of them; No one is going to subscribe to your landing page if they don’t get any rewards in return.

You can also rely on influencers to attract traffic to your website by supporting their already created community.

Lastly, never sell smoke; It is good that you promote yourself and that you sell your page well – in fact, you should do it – but never offer unreal things that you will not be able to give.

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3. Tools for attracting subscribers

Bars, plugins or widgets can become the perfect allies of your website in its goal of attracting subscribers.

Many tools could be handy to get new subscribers to your database.

I’m going to recommend some of them. Still, first I have to tell you that you shouldn’t abuse either because if you make several of these instruments coincide, you can end up turning the landing page in question into a fair. You know what I have previously told you about the distractions of visitors.

I am going to divide them into two types of tools:

  • Tools to build landing pages without knowing how to program.
  • Plugins and other kinds of devices to attract subscribers even from your website.

Tools to create landing pages without knowing how to program

I’m going to talk about one of the tools that I frequently use, although there are many more on the market: Unbounce, Strikingly, Launchrock, Instapage or Lander are just a few examples.

I mainly use Unbounce and Strikingly, but basically, they all work similarly.

They are based on creating template-based landings that the platforms offer us, although it is also possible to make them from scratch.

For example, at Unbounce, we have a wide range of templates for landings in a responsive format that makes it very easy to make changes,

Plugins and other tools for your landing page or your blog

Plugin Fixed Widget

This tool is a simple option that can be very useful for attracting subscribers.

It consists of a capture box that remains fixed on the user’s screen even if they scroll on your landing page, so that option will always be visible in case they decide to take the step of subscribing to your page.

Add the plugin to generate subscribers par excellence

In this case, we are talking about a WordPress plugin with which you can locate any method of attracting subscribers throughout your landing page.

Pop-ups, top bars and other options can choose how to invite your visitors to become subscribers of your landing page.

You have many options, but I have seen that it slows down the loading of the web, so I do not usually use it in my projects.

However, great bloggers like Ana Mata use it with good judgement on their blogs. Here you can see an example:


Do you remember what we used to say about making calls to action?

Well, this is a great tool to carry out since it creates sweepstakes or contests in which, to participate, users must provide their email so that you will ensure conversions by offering them something in return – something of what I have also spoken to you previously.

Previous actions to achieve subscriber acquisition

As it has been evident by now, landing pages are landing pages, that is, places on the web that are reached by clicking a link.

It is obvious then to point out that for users to visit your blog or your website, there must be links that lead to the site; therefore, it is essential to draw up a good Off-Page SEO strategy that allows you to get visits, the more, the better.

And is that link building is a fundamental aspect to get users to access your page since it is impossible to attract subscribers if no one knows it. In this way, by including links to your page from quality sites, you will be promoting the fact of receiving visits and that they are of quality.

On the other hand, the On-Page SEO of your landing page is just as important as the previous one. If you want to make yourself visible, you will have to work on all the factors that allow your website to appear in the first search engine results when someone searches for information about your topic.

To do this, you must work your keywords correctly and offer the content of many qualities; Although this is not the time to talk exclusively about SEO, it never hurts to remember it. It is already known that quality generates visibility, which generates visits and finally subscriptions, so keep that in mind.

Another critical point is to move the recruitment landing page to your social networks. To do this, as always, following your plan on social networks and sharing it on the social networks that best suit your business will be another basic pillar to achieving good results.

The option of doing some campaigns with ads on different platforms, such as Facebook, Twitter or Linkedin, should also be considered.

Actions after the acquisition

If there is a way to take advantage of subscriptions on your landing page, it only has one name: Email Marketing; And the thing is, it won’t do you any good to get them if you can’t keep them.

Thus, if you carry out an adequate marketing strategy through email, which is precisely what you are going to ask your subscribers to attract them, you will not only keep them, but you will probably multiply them.

The first thing you have to be clear about in this regard is that Email Marketing is not a tactic based on annoying users but a tool that you must exploit to the maximum by creating a relationship with them.

You must contribute something with each email and send it in the most personalized way possible that does not give the feeling of being something automatic but directed to each recipient in particular, with their name and surname and with a certain confidence.

But above all, I insist: send emails that provide news and relevant content, because otherwise you will be becoming a nuisance for your subscribers, and that is precisely the effect that you are least interested in achieving in them.

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