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How To Prepare A Digital Catalogue And What Are Its Advantages


Catalogues have always been an essential resource for all types of companies that wish to present or publicize the products or services they offer. Before, the traditional printed format was used, but now the digital catalogue is more common, expanding this promotional tool’s advantages. Do you have an online store? It will benefit you. Do you not have it? So it would help if you had it yes or yes to be able to address the public with a single file that is complete.

Although consumption habits have changed after the emergence of e-commerce, this classic marketing element has potential if you know how to develop it to get customers. In addition, you can create a digital catalogue even if you continue betting on paper. Old retail companies and also current companies like Amazon use both options.

How to create an online catalogue

For your digital catalogue proposal to improve the shopping experience on the screens, you must take care of specific details and aspects that we will tell you about below. This document can be a primary means of sale or complement the traditional channel.

Attractive cover

The first impression is always fundamental; that is why the cover of the online catalogue must attract the person who sees it. This must adequately reflect the essence and image of your brand or company with a professional and impressive design. Think of it as the gateway to everything you want to present to the buyer. It could be compared to the window of a physical store.

Design according to the brand identity

Of course, you must ensure that your layout for the entire document (cover and inside pages) is 100% consistent with your business identity. This way, customers can differentiate your offer from that of the competition.

It seeks to convey your brand’s personality in the best possible way. To do this, select graphics, images, colours and textures that correspond to it because the objective you must set for yourself is clear: the buyer remembers it when they want to buy one of the products you sell.

On the other hand, do not forget to put an index of contents on the first page to facilitate the search for something specific.

Before moving on to the design, we recommend that you answer questions such as what the digital catalogue’s objective is or who it is aimed at (you must know your buyer persona). And even that you consider if you want it to have another function, apart from showing your commercial offer. For example, position your brand.

Products or services ordered by relevance

Another critical point is to maintain good order within the digital catalogue. This means ranking your products or services based on their relevance. For example, if they are in higher demand than others, you should position them on the first pages for quick and easy location by the customer.

You can also assess other aspects according to which to classify and expose your offer, such as the specific category or section to which each product belongs. Consider these dimensions and aspect variables to improve your ranking:

  • Width (number of lines your business has)
  • Length (total number of products you sell)
  • Consistency (degree of differentiation between lines by prices, qualities, target audience, etc.)
  • Depth (variations of each product in the line)

The important thing is to avoid clutter, so do not combine some lines with others. The advantage for the user of this hierarchy is that it allows him to know exactly where to locate what he is looking for in his queries.

Little text and quality images

The descriptions of products or services must appear in the document without an excessively long block of text. Customers read what is fair and necessary to make their purchase decision. If the paragraph is short, they will be more encouraged to read it than if it is long.

Therefore, it offers a visual experience that satisfies the public’s wishes. Use close and emotional language, including the appropriate keywords (this must also be done in the catalogue categories). Using these words is essential for SEO positioning in search engines.

The images you decide to include should be equally relevant to illustrate and accompany the products. People remember visual elements more than text, with a difference of 60%, so choose quality photos: 1,600 pixels is the most appropriate. And keep in mind that the visualizations will be made from various devices.

To achieve an excellent resolution so that the product details can be seen better, you must add other technical requirements such as the type of file (JPG or PNG), the colour model (RGB) and the use of the actual size of the image. Of course, each photo must be professional, and the captured object must be fully seen.

Benefits of having a digital catalogue

  • Possibility of offline consultation: That users can access it without needing to be connected to the internet is a plus point.
  • Price: A digital catalogue is cheaper than a printed one. Printing physical copies is more expensive, so the online format requires less investment. A single copy can be shared through different channels (email, website, social networks, Whatsapp…).
  • Environmental care: By not printing the catalogue on paper, your company gives a better image regarding its commitment to the environment.
  • Fast and comfortable update: If you opt for the online catalogue, you can easily change the content of each page to your liking. This may be necessary due to new seasons or trends or because you stop marketing a specific product and must eliminate it. You can also easily correct mistakes.
  • No page limit: This type of document can contain as many pages as you need. Its extension is unlimited.
  • Increased traffic to your store or website: Another significant benefit is that the digital catalogue brings buyers to your online business.

You can already see the advantages this tool can bring to your company when it comes to presenting the necessary information on everything you sell in a single file, with your products or services well organized and quality images. Even audio-visual resources can be used to improve the customer experience.

In short, creating a complete digital catalogue, considering the keys we have given you, can help your company grow and increase its profits.


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