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How To Use Facetime On Android

In the world of technology, it is very common to depend on specific applications for some actions. For example, we have internalized putting a name like Word or Excel to create a text document or spreadsheet. Even so, many applications are compatible regardless of the device used. An example of this is FaceTime on Android; you can, and we show you how, step by step.

FaceTime, Apple’s video calling app

Apple is somewhat strict with the use of specific applications and makes it clear that the ones it develops are the ones that work best on its devices. For example, although you can install other browsers, Safari is the best for your device. And among the apple brand’s apps, one of the most popular allows you to talk to your loved ones.

Its name is FaceTime, and it is dedicated to video calls. With a single touch, you can talk to anyone with an Apple device since it is exclusive to the firm’s products.

Of course, WhatsApp is also available for iPhone and other messaging apps. But read on if you need the opposite way to use FaceTime on your Android device.

Yes, you can use FaceTime on your Android device.

The COVID-19 pandemic continues, but communication is essential if these two years have taught us anything. Technology has been a fundamental part of talking to your family and work team.

In the end, platforms have been imposed that allow meetings with many people, but for small groups, FaceTime may be a good option. You may think you need an Apple terminal for that, but nothing is further from the truth.

How to use FaceTime if you have an Android mobile

If you have an Android mobile, you may have noticed no Apple application in the Google Play Store. Have you checked it now, and have you had a surprise? It is normal after reading that you can use FaceTime on an Android device.

The most curious thing is that this is possible with the new version that has been released thanks to iOS 15. It seems that those from Cupertino have realized how important it is for users to communicate with others despite not having their products, which is the result.

But, of course, this has a trick; since yes or yes, you need an Apple phone to create the FaceTime call. We start step by step with this terminal:

  • Go into FaceTime
  • Create a room and click on Create link
  • Share the link with the contacts you want
  • From the part of the users who receive the link, the link will be opened in the Internet browser that you have available.

Afterward, the host of the room will give way to the participants. You can accept up to a maximum of 32 people. Everyone on the call will be able to use the app’s most essential features, like turning the microphone or webcam on or off.

If you’re invited to a FaceTime room and leave the room, you can return to the room by clicking the link if the host is still in the room. Otherwise, you will have to wait for another new room to be created and, of course, for whoever makes it to invite you again.

Another thing to know is that to use FaceTime on a non-Apple device; you can’t just use an Android device. It can also be your Windows 10, and 11 computer since the link you receive will open the conversation in the browser.


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