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Non-Intrusive Digital Marketing Techniques


Throughout all these years of online strategies, it has been shown that intrusive marketing, done without the potential client’s permission, fails to meet the objectives and produces rejection of the brand. The application of non-intrusive techniques, those that have the acceptance of the user and potential client, will offer the best results.

The inbound methodology is the most effective if you want to carry out a non-intrusive strategy. It can attract users to the brand without directly impacting them. The first step in carrying out this promotion system will be to attract quality traffic to the web, the heart of the digital project. A project must be created using the following techniques to achieve this goal.

The creation of the blog

Every self-respecting company website must have a blog where it can add quality articles related to the company’s theme. The function of this blog is not to sell the products or services of the brand but to provide information of interest to the company’s users, consumers, or clients.

Besides providing helpful information that can be used as a reference for a specific topic by the organization, these posts or articles will be essential for positioning the web when applying SEO techniques. Likewise, it will be a unique projection formula since these articles can be shared on various social networks and become viral, one of the best forms of promotion today.

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Email Marketing

This tool, essential to include in any promotion and communication strategy, is one of the first to be used in the digital medium. To this day, it continues to be one of the most effective and profitable. Sending content (posts, offers, announcements, contact…) via mail achieves direct and exclusive contact with the user or client, making him feel different and special, identifying himself with the company. If tools like mail jet are used, perfect for sending emails without having to program, the design and sending of this type of campaign can be automated, creating emails that connect with the customer.

On the other hand, sending mass emails, as long as the recipient’s authorization is obtained, is considered one of the most interesting formulas to attract quality traffic in a non-invasive way using email marketing. To optimize results with this strategy, the Mailrelay tool is the most recommended according to experts and users. With it, it will be possible to send up to 80,000 emails per month and upload up to 20,000 contacts. In addition, its free version includes support, lack of advertising, and daily shipping limitations.


Inevitable at all points as a complement to content marketing. Thanks to this technique of positioning in search engines, an increase in web visits are obtained, increasing sales and contracts. It is about using keywords based on previous research, thinking of those used by any Internet user interested in products or services related to the company, that is, used by the target audience. With these words, the contents of the web and blog will be created and optimized so that Google spiders and other search engines identify them and position them in preferred places in the listings they offer to their users when they search.

Link building

Forming part of the techniques that will be used for good SEO, it tries, in this case, to obtain links on other websites that redirect to its own, thus increasing its relevance in the great global network. The more links you receive from important websites, the higher consideration you will have for Google, using this hierarchy to place you in prominent places in their listings.


In contrast to SEO, which requires time to obtain a good position in search engines, SEM achieves it immediately. The reason is that they are reached after payment and, therefore, they will only remain in these positions while the price is being paid for leaving in the first positions. Like SEO, it is essential to carry out a good selection of keywords according to the purchase intention of potential customers.

Other strategies that you must know and know how to use in a non-intrusive way are influencer marketing, social networks, the creation of ebooks, webinars, video marketing, and podcasts.

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