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Digital Marketing Trends In 2022


Digital marketing is constantly changing. Making investments in digital marketing is a matter that deserves attention and, in many cases, still generates uncertainty in organizations regarding the results obtained.

Advertising is an essential resource for large, medium and small businesses. The digital world has evolved and requires the permanent development of digital marketing strategies.

The last year has been a period of significant technological changes, which will undoubtedly influence Digital Marketing trends in 2022.

Some digital trends in 2022

Digital marketing is a relatively new industry but constantly evolving. With the advent of further information and communication technologies, new business models have emerged for companies that rely on the tools provided by digital media.

Pioneering and differentiated concepts are needed to create meaningful digital experiences based on building digital trust and building new foundations for continued resilience.

Below are some digital marketing trends that will set the tone in 2022. They are designed for companies and individuals who want to be successful in managing their business and thus take more advantage of the available technological tools.

Visual search

It is an image recognition technology used to do a specific search. It consists of searching through the use of images, for example, the logo of a company, to locate its web page. Also pay attention to the image editor free online to design free images.

In electronic commerce, it is an ally that favours the sale of products. This method is widely used in projects and fields of fashion, technology, art and decoration.

However, today it can be used for any company regardless of its business line. Although it is still far from supplying the writing, it has high approval from netizens. Visual search is revolutionizing the digital universe.

Story doing

Without the need to expose a dilemma between the concept of Storytelling and Storydoing, it should be noted that it is associated with a kind of transformation. In other words, another type of public and a digital environment enables the relationship and rapprochement between the commercial label and the public. In addition, it generates the desire to move from communication to “action”.

A content strategy based on storytelling makes an emotional connection with the audience possible. Whereas, Storydoing makes it easy to take things to another level by creating authentic and tangible experiences.

Story doing consists of putting on the experimental plane those premises that the brand establishes. Not only can this benefit from its ability as marketing technology, but it can positively influence customers and the competition, which is a difference.

In the implementation of Storydoing, there are also the consequences of these experiences in the RRSS, or even comments on the web portal, recommendations and more.

Chatbots and artificial intelligence

This can be considered one of the most advanced, effective and valuable digital marketing tactics for brands applying e-commerce. Why? It has the function of solving problems and dealing with purchases without going to customer service.

When applied in conjunction with augmented reality technology, customers’ experience could be much more significant. The chatbot with conversational artificial intelligence is a program capable of producing more “human” conversations with users.

Thus, on the one hand, these tools want to be able to recognize human emotions and respond according to language processing skills.

At the same time, bots with conversational artificial intelligence also aim to be able to learn from the conversations they hold due to the application of machine learning.

In this context, the training of chatbots plays an important role. In a way, AI-powered chatbots are more advanced versions of pre-made chatbots or rule-based bots.

The latter are simpler bots capable of chatting with a buyer according to the rules established by the inventor. Mainly, they offer two possibilities in their conversations with users. They follow a flow chart with the answers and direct the dialogue towards the different pre-established options to benefit the client.

It is also the situation of the hybrid chatbot, which tries to manage user queries and entrusts those that it is impossible to solve to a human representative. On the other hand, chatbots with AI (artificial intelligence) can “learn” from their interrelationships, accumulating understanding and understanding the client’s purpose more accurately.

In this way, it implies a more personalized, close and dynamic attention, which is also trained to solve more complicated conversations and act according to the client’s demands in each relationship.

Emails with storytelling

One of the most profitable and, at the same time, most abused channels is email. Many brands are dedicated to using it as a channel to throw pure products frequently.

There needs to be a change of direction and stop said wheel. It doesn’t make any sense to have a more stylized, more careful communication for those who read the blog or the consumers who reach the social media account than those who remain in the database.

It is essential to think about their needs and provide them with information and entertainment. Some stories are also essential in email communication.

Hybrid events

It is essential that the enormous proportion of face-to-face events that have had to be cancelled throughout the past year be considered. Several have been lucky enough to be carried out virtually with great success, others not so much thanks to the needed infrastructure.

Now, what is clear is that virtual events are also here to stay, but being able to attend a massive event from the couch is an initiative that many also love.

Because of this, there is the possibility of guessing that there will be events that return to the field, others that are entirely virtual, and events that will be a mixture of the two. It will be convenient for companies to get ahead of the competition and start planning hybrid events that will open many more doors.

The participants do not have to go to a secure place but can participate anytime and anywhere. This way, you can satisfy those who want to go to a live event and those who don’t.

Customer relationship management and humanization

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is one of the most celebrated tactics. Adapting the content and, more than anything, humanizing it on the various platforms makes it possible to get the most out of all of them and enjoy a larger audience.

Even tools like WhatsApp can be an essential ally for new businesses that are looking for common and loyal consumers.

Furthermore, systematizing this tactic could be pretty effective in getting consumers to buy or be attracted to the product without overloading the sales staff.

Video marketing

It is about adding videos to content marketing. Another criterion to consider is the social video clip: a video specially designed to be disseminated through social networks.

Live streaming shopping

This is a trend that was born in China. It consists of a live broadcast on a social network, in which various items are presented, and the public can purchase them in real-time. It can be very effective in sales and brand recognition. It is ideal for fashion, beauty, food, decoration and electronic products.


This social network is causing a stir, and it is becoming more powerful, so much so that by 2021, the number of monthly active users will have exceeded 1,000 million. Tik Tok brings a new way to create content on social networks through short videos.

This network has helped many people monetize for views and interactions. In addition, new trends have emerged, such as the hashtag #TikTok Resumes so that job seekers can upload a video of their resume. Some companies are already accepting applications through this channel.

Instagram reels

It gives advertisers more reach than any other post on this social network. For those who don’t know, Instagram Reels is a video in portrait format, fifteen to sixty seconds long, which can be edited with Instagram’s filters and music.

It differs from stories because the reels do not disappear twenty-four hours after publication. It has earned a place among the essential technological tools for companies. They are used as explanatory, to show their structures, or as a guide to using their products.

Programmatic advertising

Programmatic advertising refers to the ad by which the advertiser buys from the public, not the placement. Advertisers choose the audience they want to target by defining various themes in their profile, such as likes, population data, and relationships.

By 2022, the Google ads hub platform will expand its use across multiple platforms. Companies are increasingly using this technology to determine which ads to send to their customers in real-time. It is the most important type of advertising in recent years and will continue to be one of the digital trends in 2022.


Mobile Marketing is a set of online marketing actions and techniques aimed at mobile devices. This recent alternative arises from the success of cell phones, the ease of connection to the Internet network that it provides and the enormous capacity to attract consumers and retain them.

Online marketing strategies have had to be restructured and adapted to a mobile format to continue connecting with users and achieve excellent results in the final transformation, both in electronic sales and physical stores.

It is no longer enough for online marketing strategies to be directed to classic websites; it is essential to adapt them to smartphones and benefit from them. Also, all websites that are generally not suitable for accurate viewing from mobile devices are sanctioned by Google.

Inbound marketing as a digital strategy

Inbound marketing is a methodology that uses marketing and advertising techniques to reach potential consumers more positively.

This methodology aims to escort those probable consumers who are interested in obtaining one of the products or services until the moment of purchase.

In addition, inbound marketing is beneficial for the organization because it helps obtain clients and their following loyalty.

These are some of the digital marketing trends leading this year 2022. Therefore, it is essential that both small, medium, and large companies use them to introduce them to the digital strategy.

It is about using these to get the most out of your campaigns and thus achieve the designed objectives. In other words, companies that this year intend to make themselves known through social networks and other platforms will be obliged to make use of this new and growing form of advertising and electronic commerce.

Social networks lead the digital market, and the new normality opens up a range of possibilities for organizations, especially those hit by the pandemic.


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